15 Celebrities That Haven’t Attended The Met Gala





Today’s the day, oh yeah. The Met Gala is here and we’re struggling to handle our excitement. Then, we remember how much tickets to that is college tuition and student loan debt.

However, these 15 celebrities haven’t been. You’re thinking, how can stars miss out on a gala? Don’t worry, we’re confused too. Here is the list of the celebrities who haven’t been to the Met Gala, who do we need to call to invite them?

 Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie



Yes, that’s right. Both of Brad Pitts ex-wives have never been to Met Gala, why? We do not know.

Britney Spears


Okay, first and foremost, she has had been busy doing Vegas shows and being couple goals with her boyfriend, but come on. It’s Britney!

Chris Hemsworth


OKAY. How dare you disrespect the God of Thunder by not inviting him to the Met Gala? The poor man has been through a lot in the past few months and quite frankly, he needed to be invited 17 years ago. He better be there next year. I also know that Chris isn’t ACTUALLY Thor, but come on, give him more respect than that.

Kelly Clarkson


At this point, why isn’t she going since she is the first winner of America Idol and she’s back with a new sound that we’re loving? Anyone?



Okay, first Kelly and now Adele that hasn’t been to the Met Gala? You have some explaining to do.

Meryl Streep


You already know what I’m going to say about this one. She’s been around for how many decades and how many awards has she won? How many movies has she done? Tiffany Haddish wants Meryl to be her mom for a reason, people.

Robert Downey, Jr.


Okay, I can see why he hasn’t been to one but honestly. He’s the Godfather of the MCU and Iron Man is 10 years old, I feel like it’s time to leave things behind in the past where they need to be, on him.

Busy Phillipps


I’m stumped as well.

Carrie Underwood


Another American Idol winner and she just came back into the spotlight from her bad fall this past fall. You have no excuses.



I honestly thought that Drake has gone to a Met Gala, but I think it would be awkward if he ran into RiRi on the carpet or inside and maybe he should stay away from the Met Gala.

 Melissa McCarthy


Do I have a feeling that none of these people really wanted to go to the gala? The reason why I ask that is that because Melissa McCarthy hasn’t gone to a Met Gala.

Olivia Palermo


Listen, she’s an entrepreneur and she has a blog. Where’s the invite for her? Come on people.

Chris Pratt


First, it was Thor. Second, it was Iron Man. Now Star-Lord & Andy (Parks & Rec) haven’t been to one? Chris Pratt deserves to go to one and stat.

Kelly Rowland


Listen, if Queen B herself can go to the Met Gala, so can Kelly. Get her a ticket stat or invite all of Destiny’s Child to perform there.

Hopefully next year, these celebrities will be able to go to Met Gala since it would be interesting to see what they would wear.

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