Solange Knowles Crowdsourced Her Met Gala Look On Twitter

Solange Knowles is no stranger to slaying the red carpet. Solange is personally one of my favorite celebrities to attend the Met Gala, I know she will always wear something unconventional, artistic and beautiful.

Solange Knowles Met Gala

This year she’ll be attending the Gala once again and is having trouble figuring out what to wear. The theme for the gala is “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” and she has “anxiety” picking what to wear. Solange tweeted out her outfits asking her fans what they think she should wear.

“dead ass about to let y’all pick my met gala look cuz i can’t handle the anxiety rn (the theme is heavenly bodies, fashion and the catholic bodies) which saint shall I draw energy from and pull up to the function as?” She tweeted according to BuzzFeed. She has since deleted the tweet.

She then tweeted five different outfits to have her fans pick from. Many of the outfits showed her blonde hair in a halo similar to when she performed at Saturday Night Live. One photo showed her hair in a du-rag.

Dress wise all the options were either black or white. You can see photos of her now-deleted dress options on BuzzFeed. One option is a floor length structure white dress with visible boning around the waist. The neckline is a mock turtleneck and it has a cape. Her hair was in a halo.

The second option her hair is also in a halo. The dress is a black cut out dress. The mock neck has shiny threads coming off of it and connecting to the off the shoulder scoop neck crop top. The glittery tendrils then go down her stomach connecting the top to the waistband and continue down to the skirt. The glittery threads also travel down her arm to her wrist. The tendrils go down her leg to about mid-calve and hang like fringe. She’s wearing barely there heels that have a black ankle strap and a clear strap across the toes.

The third outfit she’s wearing the same barely there heels. She posted her hair both in a halo and a du-rag for this option. The mid-length dress looks like it’s made of vinyl, it’s black, shiny and strapless. After the waistline, the dress bubbles out and has a voluminous shape. There’s a slit exposing her right leg.

The final dress is a simple silk one-shoulder white column dress. The one shoulder strap cuts high across her chest. She looks extra ethereal with her hair in a halo.

A fan responded to her tweet asking for Met gala help with, “Just do you, that’s it that’s all. Do you, there are no saints here on Earth…”

That response made Solange delete her original tweet and poll. She said, “u right u right. poll closed luh yall.”

Fashion is supposed to be fun and to be honest, Solange looks great in all five outfits. Which one is your favorite?

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