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The last episode of New Girl was a sad and strange episode. What I was nervous about New Girl having a final season of only eight episodes came true during the previous episode. It’s getting to become sappy, reminiscent and boring. New Girl‘s quick off-beat humor has carried the show through six seasons and now it’s falling flat and I genuinely think it’s because of the short season. If there were more episodes the writers could have slowed down the pace of the final season giving the roommates and Cece the send-off they deserve.

The last episode started off at Furguson’s funeral. Ferguson was Winston’s cat that he was obsessed with. He was a running joke on the show because sometimes Ferguson would be gone for a stretch of episodes then magically come back. It was such a big joke that they even made an episode dedicated to where Ferguson runs off too.

The full-on cat funeral is strange, but very Winston. But then adding the detail that the cat died a year ago and because Ferguson was randomly Jewish it’s custom that stone unveilings don’t happen until a year later, was a lot. It’s like they were trying so hard to make this cat funeral EXTRA quirky. Coach came back this episode, so that was a big breathe of fresh air to the episode.

Now to even further rush the season along, FOX is airing back to back episodes this week and next, therefore airing the eight-episode season in six weeks. Tonight’s episode, “Godparents,” Winston starts getting anxiety over fatherhood. No doubt he and Aly pick their unborn child’s godparents. Schmidt returns to work for the first time since Ruth was born. My guess is that it doesn’t go well and he becomes a full-time stay at home dad and Cece is the breadwinner.

Find out how you can watch the new episode of New Girl below.

New Girl Season 7, Episode 5 Viewing Details

Date: Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Time: 9:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: Fox
Season: 7
Episode: 5
Title: “Godparents”
Starring: Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone, Lamorne Morris and more.

How To Watch New Girl Season 7, Episode 5 Online

You can watch New Girl on Fox.com through its Fox Now live streaming service, if you have one of the many associated cable providers, including Time Warner Cable, Dish, Xfinity and Verizon. If you don’t have one of these cable providers, don’t worry! You can get a free one hour long trial of Fox Now on Fox.com. So, start that free trial right before New Girl airs, and you’re all set.

How To Watch New Girl Season 7, Episode 5 on Mobile

Fox Now is available for tablets and phones. Download the app, and you’re good to go as long as you have your cable provider ready. You can also watch the show the old-fashioned way and catch it on TV. Check your local listings and tune into Fox to catch New Girl.

How To Watch New Girl Season 7, Episode 5 if You Don’t Have Cable

If you don’t have a cable provider, no worries! You can go to SlingTV and join for only $25 a month. You can click here for a full list of devices compatible with Sling TV. If you’re shy with cash, we recommend subscribing to the 7-day free trial that SlingTV offers on their website.

New Girl Season 7, Episode 5 Preview

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