5 Reasons Netflix Originals Are Pretty…Well…Original

Okay, so we all love Black Mirror or perhaps our favorite is Orange is the New Black, but what’s all the buzz about? It all has to deal with the fact that they are original shows on Netflix. That’s right, Netflix Originals, but what are those?

Netflix is a large platform that streams TV shows that are either still on the air or have been long since ended. It also provides quality movies and needless to say, the company makes a killing off of subscriptions. Netflix itself makes their own shows that you can only find via the stream so if you don’t have an account you can’t watch these shows unless you Netflix and chill with a buddy!

Here are five reasons that Netflix Originals are pretty original, these aren’t in any specific order.

1. A Global Audience

Most of the Originals that are created do not target specifically Americans, in fact, the shows feature rising actors from other countries in order to develop an audience that is internationally tuned in. You’ll be watching stories that have everything to do with everything around the world. How incredible is that? Maybe, along the way, you gain more insight into a specific culture or host country.


2. Seasons

Most Netflix Originals aren’t short-lived, especially, if there’s a large enough audience that wants to continue watching. Most millennials have found themselves “binge-watching” more than two episodes at a time and never leaving their seats for more than eight hours. There’s always a need for more seasons as the audience demands more so Netflix doesn’t mind giving you what you love!


3. Favorites

Okay, so you’ve decided that you miss your favorite childhood novel, have no fear, Netflix is there! Everything from A Series of Unfortunate Events, 13 Reasons Why, and VeggieTales are featured. But, let’s not forget, that as adults we’re going to grow to remember those amazing shows such as House of Cards, or even Dear White People, so, who knows, they might become our children’s favorites. As of right now, we definitely have a lot of favorites to talk about.


4. Creativity

None of the Netflix Originals are the same. In fact, fiction refers to majority of the ideas as “dystopia” in that most of the shows take place in a “what-if world.” So, when you’re binge-watching Black Mirror or Sense8, keep in mind that the creativity behind it came from a fantastic screenwriter that Netflix didn’t mind hiring. But aside from what was written for the screen, let’s take into account the different settings that are used alongside amazing plots. That’s something that not only belongs in books but also on the big screen.


5. Variety

There is a kind of show for everyone. You don’t just have to watch anything that is action-packed, you can slow it down with a drama, there’s also docu-series where Netflix doesn’t mind sharing with you the talents from other artists, people who have made history, or even ways to live in the 21st century while being environmentally aware. Netflix is paving the way for what TV may be like years from now where we rely on a single stream to do it this well without a cable subscription due to the variations of what to see.


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