The New York Women’s Foundation Is Using Today To #CelebrateWomen With These Tweets

Women’s History Month may have been two months ago but despite March having passed, there’s still much reason to keep celebrating and vocalizing. On May 10th, the New York Women’s Foundation held the 2018 Celebrating Women Breakfast, a “seated march for women’s issues.” The event celebrated leaders, honored volunteers and created fundraising opportunities. Activist Tarana Burke, who founded the Me Too movement, as well as Kimberlé Crenshaw and the New York Community Trust, served as honorees of the event. During and after the breakfast, the New York Women’s Foundation set Twitter ablaze with the hashtag #CelebrateWomen.

Check out some of the best tweets about #CelebrateWomen that should be emphasized today and every day.

This user reminds us that the women to celebrate in our lives aren’t always in the public eye.

Others celebrated role models who have and are still shaping progress.

Contrary to what some Twitter users might think, the hashtag isn’t about celebrating females simply because of their gender. It’s about the pioneers who’ve paved the path for progress and the women in our lives who’ve made personal sacrifices to raise us. It’s about finishing what others have started as well as looking up to leaders in the hopes of becoming them one day.

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