A College Grad Turned Her Graduation Into A Viral Movie Trailer

When it came time to send out invites for her graduation party, Cydnee Patterson of Beaumont, Texas spared no expense and went all out. After busting her butt for the last few years and finally earning her degree and obtaining her Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction – Reading Education from Prairie View A&M University, Patterson sent out the invites ready to turn up and celebrate all of her hard work.

Looking to cut paper costs and make the invites easier and faster, Patterson enlisted the help of her friend Dareas Scott of Nightfall Motion Pictures, to film a virtual invitation/graduation video for her family, friends and loved ones.

Not thinking anything of the invite Patterson sent out the virtual invites and patiently waited for the RSVPs. Interestingly enough, what happened next was an unexpected shock for Patterson. After Patterson’s younger brother Darrell got a look at the video, he was so impressed with the quality of the video that he couldn’t help but share the video on Twitter.

Before the siblings knew it, the video had quickly gained massive amounts of popularity and went viral.

After hearing that the video went viral, Darrell let his sister know almost immediately saying, “I just had to text my sister to let her know. She was just as shocked as me.”

It’s pretty clear to see why the video went viral considering the impeccable cinematic quality of the two-minute video.

The video opens with a voiceover from the new graduate who explains her struggles over the past few years saying, “There’s been times when I wanted to give up….But my faith was too big.”

Patterson continues reciting a bible verse from Psalm 46:5, before the mood of the video swiftly shifts and is replaced with Drake‘s track “God’s Plan” as Patterson walks through her campus, posing, dancing and smiling. The video ends after she smashes a plastic apple filled with confetti using a chalkboard that showcases all of the degrees she’s obtained up until this point.

Of the content of the video Patterson explains where she came up with the concept saying, “While obtaining this degree, life brought me through a ton of ups and downs. I could’ve let my emotions get to me and deter me away from achieving one of my goals easily. Every time I felt like I was close to that point I relied on all the things I was taught in church. I chose Drake’s song “God’s Plan,” because everything I do, have done and will do is all apart of God’s Plan. I may not always understand why I have to encounter certain experiences, but I trust God is making me better.”

As for her future plans, Patterson’s video may have gone viral, and she may have just graduated, but the work doesn’t stop there. Patterson’s future plans moving forward include applying for a Doctorate program next.

Patterson also had some advice for others on their educational pursuit.

“Don’t give up, no matter how bad it may get the reward at the end is better. You may have to miss out on a few social events here or there, but that’s a temporary sacrifice for your future self. Stay the course and have faith and a little patience. Celebrate every one of your accomplishments whether big or small. Trust God.”

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