Just What is ‘Dear White People?’






Everyone is buzzing about the show, Dear White People, but why? What is is about the Netflix Original Series that everyone just can’t seem to get enough of?


For starters, the show is based off a previous one of the same name that was released in 2014 by Justin Simien. It is satirical and people don’t mind laughing at some of the jokes that are tossed around as they are often witty and political. The show, just like Simien’s, has to deal with African American students who are exploring their experiences at a prestigious Ivy League university. The university is fictional but through the different dynamics of race and people who are committed to change it highlights various issues that millennial students buzz about.

The episodes aren’t long at all, in fact, they’re only about thirty minutes and there’s ten of them so it is binge watch worthy over the time span of a night or two. The first season was released in April of 2017 while the newer one, season two, came out this week, May of 2018. Dear White People was nominated for the Gotham Independent Film Award.

People are loving the fact that through the Netflix Original Series, we learn that there is the idea that we learn so much about the world through the lives of other characters. Articles have been shared about the way that people appreciate activism throughout the show.

It caused a lot of political conversations all on social media. As of lately, people have been taking their time to tweet their feelings through a series of tweets which begin with “Dear White People” ever since the latest season was released this week.

Netflix is great at featuring brand new stars as main characters so even if you don’t know exactly who the cast happens to be you will still be enjoying, one being Logan Browning, she plays as the main character Samantha Whitehead who is an African American radio show host who makes public announcements and racial commentary throughout the segregated PWI.


With the conversations and all of the buzz that has been going on, it creates an amazing plot with all of the drama you’re looking for. It has the conflict that ranges from being about the struggles of privilege and power to love and romance. Make sure you start binge-watching it tonight!

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