This Internship Will Pay You To Taste Test Candy And Other Confections This Summer

Having a sweet tooth can typically get you in trouble. Your parents or dentist will give you a strict warning about laying off the bite-sized candy or your wallet just can’t handle the cravings anymore. Well, in this internship’s case, that sweet tooth will come in very handy.


Mars Incorporated, who produces M&M’s® and SKITTLES®, is calling those who raid every house in the neighborhood, and the next one over, on Halloween and those who “have the mindset of a kid in a candy shop.” Essentially, this will be your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moment. While there may not be Oompa Loompas awaiting you, the Confectionary Connoisseur internship promises you a sampling opportunity of products that aren’t yet available publicly and a “signing bonus of one year’s worth of candy.”

Sound like a dream come true? Your role at the Mars Wrigley Confectionary manufacturing sites will help you understand how brands like TWIX® and MILKY WAY® are made. Along with training your taste buds, you’ll be helping the team with PR projects and social media. Bonus, you’ll even be producing your personalized batch of chewing gum.

The internship will take place at the Mars Wrigley Confectionary Global Innovation Center in Chicago. If you really want the position, you should be able to prove that you can distinguish various flavors of Skittles, refrain from eating candy until work is done and blow large bubbles with gum. You qualify for the gig if you’re 21+ years of age and it would help your case if you have journalism/ media experience.

As for your Golden Ticket, you must submit your resume and social media portfolios to the career page. While your friends are traveling abroad this summer or working in the local town, you’ll be mastering the art of candy. What are you waiting for? Those late-night snack runs have prepared you for this.

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