Caitlyn Jenner Snubbed Half Of The Kardashians On Mother’s Day

Caitlyn Jenner celebrated Mother’s Day by celebrating all the mother’s in her life that she likes or is still on speaking terms with. Caitlyn and the Kardashians have had a rocky relationship ever since her transition and her tell-all book, The Secrets Of My Life, was published.

The book trashed her ex-wife Kris Jenner along with her former stepdaughters and they’re late father Robert Kardashian. The family tried to salvage their relationship with Caitlyn, but after the book Kris, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian severed ties with Caitlyn. Their reactions to the release of Caitlyn’s book was well documented on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

That’s essentially the last we’ve heard of Caitlyn’s relationship with the Kardashians. Until yesterday when Caitlyn celebrated all of the “amazing moms” in her life. The now-deleted Instagram gallery showed a photo of Kylie Jenner with baby Stormi and her half-brothers Burt Jenner and Brandon Jenner with their kids Bhodi and Eva.

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The Jenners ❀️

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The second photo was another picture of Kylie and Stormi.

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Stormi Webster πŸŽ€

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The third photo was a blurry pic of Caitlyn with Kim and baby Saint.

The last photo was a photo of her and Kris.

The gesture is sweet but surprising giving the last time the public was updated about their relationship they all weren’t talking. The Instagram post is also shady because it doesn’t include Kourtney and Khloe.

Khloe and Caitlyn’s relationship is almost as bad as Caitlyn’s relationship with Kris. Khloe took her transitioning and her bashing of the Kardashians very hard. Caitlyn was Khloe’s step-father for about 24 years. The two tried to have a relationship, but ultimately it didn’t work out. When asked if having a baby will help repair her relationship with Caitlyn she said no. Clearly, she was right.

I’m at a loss as to why Kourtney was excluded from the Instagram post. She’s pretty quiet when it came to Caitlyn, but it wouldn’t shock me if behind the scenes she fiercely stuck up for her mom. Caitlyn was still married to Kris and in the Kardashians lives for all three of her children’s births.

But then Caitlyn went and deleted the whole dang post, so maybe she regretted including the photos of Kim and Kris or got in trouble for posting photos of Stormi. When Kylie was secretly pregnant Caitlyn did accidentally (or maybe purposely) confirm she was pregnant and then had to retract her statement. So it wouldn’t be shocking if she got in trouble again for doing something she wasn’t supposed to.

Hopefully, the family will clear up the confusion of Caitlyn’s Instagram post on KUWTK.

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