Here Are Four Fun & Easy Graduation Gift Ideas To Help Your Grad Celebrate

Graduation season is upon us – can you believe it? If you can’t, and you’re still in need of some gift ideas for that special grad, I’m here to help. I’ve put together four easy, universal gift ideas that mean a lot and show your grad you care. You can choose one, or combine a few or combine them all! Or if you’ve already bought your grad their gift, maybe one of these would be a nice extra.




They never get old! Maybe literally they do, but as a gift? No way! (Plus, they look super cute in graduation Instagram posts!) Buy your grad a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or roses if you’re not sure. That’s not all though! A bouquet of flowers is a beautiful gift, but if you’re bringing it to her home for her grad party, it’s so much better to have them already trimmed and arranged in a nice vase; that way she doesn’t have to do that work herself.

Spa day


Whether it’s at the spa or at home, your grad deserves to have some time off from all those finals and be completely pampered. Find a local spa and get her a gift card worth a treatment or two, or go out and buy some DIY spa day treatments to do at home with her.

Cooking a Special Dinner

first date ideas Cooking Class


If you’re getting together to celebrate your grad’s accomplishment, it goes without saying that cooking them a meal can be a thoughtful (and budget-friendly) way to show you care. Grab your apron, your cooking tools and whip up their favorite meal. It’s always extra special when it’s cooked by you. Don’t forget the dessert!

Custom For Her

Whether it’s store-bought or handmade, it’s always even more meaningful when it’s uniquely for her. Monogramming is special and can be done on anything, whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a handbag, a mug, a vase – you name it and it can be monogrammed. But a customized gift can also simply be a favorite family photo with a heartfelt note on the back, in a beautiful frame that matches her home.

No matter what gift you choose though, don’t forget the card! Even a tiny card means something, and it can mean even more if it’s handmade and personalized.

For more gift ideas, check out Hampton Ivy.

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