British Royals That Are Currently Single So You Can Possibly Marry Into The Royal Family

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle married into the royal family, so why can’t you? The royal family doesn’t end with Prince William and Prince Harry. There is a whole intricate family tree of relatives and some of them are single and legal. I’m not going to encourage people to pimp out their kids to eventually marry Prince George, sorry.

Even if you can’t finesse your way into becoming royalty we at least have these royal weddings to look forward to after Harry and Meghan get married.

Check out Britain’s most eligible single royals.

Prince Andrew, 58

As of right now Prince Andrew, Duke of York is single. He was previously married to Sarah Ferguson and had a relationship with Koo Stark.

Princess Beatrice of York, 29

Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter Princess Beatrice is single. In 2016 she broke up with her boyfriend of 10 years Dave Clark.

Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley, 18

David Armstrong-Jones Charles Armstrong-Jones

Charles Armstrong-Jones and David Armstrong-Jones (Daniel Deme/

Charles’ grandmother is Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret. He is currently sitting at 20th in line for the throne after his father, David Armstrong-Jones. He is also the heir to the Earldom of Snowdon.

Samuel Chatto, 21

Samuel is the eldest son of Lady Sarah Chatto, Princess Margaret’s only daughter. His aunt is the Queen and he’s is currently 23rd in line to the British throne.

Arthur Chatto, 19

Arthur is the second son of Lady Sarah and is 24th in line to the throne after his older brother. His aunt is the Queen.

Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick, 29

Edward is the grandchild of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. Prince Edward is Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin. Edward is barred from the line of succession of the British throne because he became a member of the Roman Catholic Church. He is still the heir of Dukedom of Kent. His godmother was the late Princess Diana. He’s third cousins with Prince William and Prince Harry.

Lady Marina Charlotte Windsor, 25

Lady Marina is Edward’s younger sister and is also barred from the royal succession because she is Roman Catholic. Her title of lady still remains. She’s third cousins with Prince William and Prince Harry.

Lady Amelia Windsor, 22

Lady Amelia is the 37th in line to the throne. She should be the 39th in line but thanks to her older siblings Lady Marina and Edward, she jumped up in line. She has not converted to Roman Catholicism like her siblings. Right now Amelia is a model and has been dubbed “the most beautiful royal.” She’s third cousins with Prince William and Prince Harry but wasn’t invited to Prince Harry’s wedding.

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