Everything You Need To Know About The Royal Family Tree & Who’s Next In Line For The Throne

The royal family is tricky to follow, especially if you’re not from the U.K.

With the birth of Prince Louis, the whole order for the throne has shifted. There are so many rules when it comes to the royal family and the succession to the throne. Typically the line for the throne was determined by birth order and gender, but now thanks to the Succession to the Crown Act it’s only based on birth order.

Before the Act, which was made the law in 2013, girls would always be in line after their brothers even if they were older than them. So, for example, Prince Louis, who was just born, would be able to become ruler before his older sister Princess Charlotte. He would have jumped over her in line to the throne. But now he is placed behind Charlotte.

The Succession to the Crown Act also makes it that only the first six in line for the throne have to ask the current ruler, so Queen Elizabeth II, consent on who they marry.

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest living English monarch and has been sitting on the throne since 1953. This summer will mark the 65th anniversary of her coronation.


After the Queen passes the line for the crown in long and winding. Only an expert on royal law and the royal family tree will be able to figure it out. You’ll be ane expert yourself after reading this.

To sum it up, the line for the crown is based purely on birth order, so with every baby born the line for the throne changes. Let’s find out who’s in line for the throne, and where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s future kids will end up in the succession.

1. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

Prince Charles

Euan Cherry/WENN

Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s first-born son, so he’s first in line for the throne. Charles, 69, was married to the late Princess Diana. They had two kids, Prince William and Prince Harry. Charles is now married to Camilla Parker Bowles.

2. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Prince William

John Rainford/WENN

Prince William, 35, is the first-born son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana making him the second in line for the throne. People think once Queen Elizabeth passes his father will abdicate, making William king. If not Prince Charles will be the oldest king to ever be crowned. William is married to Duchess Katherine. Together they have three children.

3. Prince George of Cambridge

Prince George

John Rainford/WENN

Prince George is the first born of William and Kate. At just 4 years old he’s already prepping to be king one day, but first, he has to get through grade school and college.

4. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Princess Charlotte

John Rainford/WENN

Next in line is William and Kate’s second born child, Princess Charlotte. Charlotte is only 2 years old, but she is the first female in line to the throne.

5. Prince Louis of Cambridge

Prince William Kate Middleton Prince Louis Royal Baby

David Sims/WENN.com

Prince Louis is not even a month old, but he’s fifth in line for the throne. If the Succession to the Crown Act didn’t exist he would have been fourth in line for the throne and Charlotte would be fifth.

6. Prince Harry of Wales

Prince Harry

Lia Toby/WENN.com

After Prince Louis is his uncle and Charles and Diana’s second child, Prince Harry, 33. If William and Kate have more kids Harry’s spot in line for the throne will continue to be bumped down. Harry is marrying Meghan Markle in May. Their future kids will follow their father in the line for the throne.

7. Prince Harry & Meghan Markles Child

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

John Rainford/WENN

On October 15, 2018, Meghan and Harry announced that they’re pregnant. Their child will be born in spring 2019 and will become the seventh in line to the throne. A few of the top predictions for their baby’s name are Victoria, Diana, Oliver and Arthur.

8. Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Prince Andrew

John Rainford/WENN.com

After Prince Harry is his uncle Prince Andrew, 58. Prince Andrew is the Queen’s third child after Princess Anne. Because the Succession to the Crown Act wasn’t instated before their births Andrew jumps Anne in line for the throne and so does their younger brother Prince Edward.

9. Princess Beatrice of York

Princess Beatrice

John Rainford/WENN

Next in line is Andrew and Duchess Sarah Ferguson’s first-born Princess Beatrice, 29. She is currently unmarried and doesn’t need her grandmother’s approval on who she marries. Before William and Kate had children, Beatrice was fifth in for the throne

10. Princess Eugenie of York

Princess Eugenie


After Beatrice is her younger sister Princess Eugenie, 28. She got engaged to Jack Brooksbank roughly the same time her cousin Harry got engaged to Meghan. Eugenie will be getting married in the fall.

11. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

Prince Edward


The Queen’s third born son and fourth child Prince Edward, 54, is next in line for the throne. He’s married to Countess Sophie, and they have two children.

12. James, Viscount Severn

Viscount James


Viscount James, 10, is Edward and Sophie’s first-born son and second child (see that Succession to the Crown Act is super important). He is technically a prince, but his parents didn’t want to burden him with such a high royal title.

13. Lady Louise Windsor

Lady Louise


Edward and Sophie’s first-born Lady Louise, 14, is next in line. Just like her brother, her parents gave her a lesser title even though she is technically a princess.

14. Princess Anne

Queen Elizabeth II Princess Anne


Finally, we have Princess Anne, 67, the Queen’s second born child. Anne is 13th in line to the throne despite being the second born child of the Queen because the Succession to the Crown Act wasn’t instated yet. If the Act were law before she was born, she would be seventh in line to the throne.

15. Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips Autumn Phillips

Peter Phillips and Autumn Phillips (John Rainford/WENN.com)

Peter, 40, is Princess Anne’s first born child and only son. He is also the Queen’s oldest grandchild. Princess Anne and her husband at the time Captain Mark Phillips didn’t give their kids royal titles because they wanted them to live normal lives. Peter’s wife Autumn didn’t even know he was royal until much later on. They have two kids who are next in line to the throne.

16. Savannah Phillips

Savannah Phillips Autumn Phillips


Savannah, 7, is Peter and Autumn’s first-born. She is title-less not because it was her parent’s choice but because it was never an option. Because her dad doesn’t have a title, she automatically doesn’t receive one either.

17. Isla Phillips

Royal Family

John Rainford/WENN.com

Isla, 6, is Peter and Autumn’s second child. She is also titleless. You can spot here in the bottom right of the photo with her sister Savannah next to her, her parents behind her and of course her father’s cousin Prince William and his family next to them.

18. Zara Tindall

Zara Tindall

Paul Nicholls/WENN

Next in line is Zara, Princess Anne’s second child, and Peter’s younger sister. Anne and Captain Mark also opted to not give Zara a title. Besides being royal Zara is also a decorated equestrian. She won a silver medal at the London Summer Olympics. Her mom presented her with the medal. She is married to Mike Tindall, and they have one kid.

19. Mia Grace Tindall

Mia Grace Tindall

John Rainford/WENN.com

Mia, 4, is Zara and Mike’s only child. Because her mom doesn’t have a title neither does she.

20. Zara and Mike’s Second Child

Zara Tindall

John Rainford/WENN.com

Zara is currently pregnant with her second child who will fall 19th in line to the throne no matter the gender.

21. David Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowden

David Armstrong-Jones Charles Armstrong-Jones

Charles Armstrong-Jones and David Armstrong-Jones (Daniel Deme/WENN.com)

David is the first royal in succession who isn’t descendent of the Queen. He is Princess Margaret, the Queen’s younger sister’s first born child. If Princess Margaret were still alive, she would be the 20th in line to the throne. He inherited the title, Early of Snowden after his father died. His two kids, Charles Armstrong-David, Viscount Linley and Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones,  follow him in line for the throne and then the rest of Princess Margaret’s kids follow in line. The succession to the throne is never-ending.

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