What Will Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Name The Royal Baby?

On October 15, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they’re pregnant. In the announcement, it said that the Meghan is due sometime spring 2019, so either March, April or May.

Typically, pregnant women don’t announce they’re pregnant until after their first trimester, so after three months. If Meghan followed suit this means she was pregnant in early July and will give birth in April 2019. We don’t know for sure, but using logic, the royal baby should be born in April 2019.

Besides a speculated due date, we don’t know anything else about the royal baby. There are no gender details and for sure no baby name details.

Despite not knowing much about the new royal baby, people are already predicting what its name will be.

First off, the child’s surname will most likely be Sussex. It’s typical that royal offspring take their parent’s title as their last name. Like all of Prince William’s children’s surname is Cambridge and Princess Beatrice and Eugenie use York as their surname.

Their baby will not be a princess or a prince unless the Queen makes them one. If the child is a boy he could become the Earl of Dumbarton or Lord Mountbatten-Windsor. If they have a girl she could become Lady Mountbatten-Windsor.

But what will they name their baby?

According to Katie Baylis, spokesperson for betting website Betfair, told Express what names people are betting on.

“At this stage Diana, Arthur and Alice, which was favorite at different stages for Kate and William’s babies, are the 12/1 front-runners,” she said.

“However, with months until the baby is born, those odds will shorten, change and other names will come to the forefront, so watch this space,” Baylis added.

While Coral, another betting site, has James, Victoria and Olivia as their top names.

Most royal baby names are family baby names that have meaning and are dedicated to someone in the royal family. Or they could follow in Prince Harry’s cousin, Peter Phillip’s footsteps and name their child a non-traditional name. Who knows! Take a look at the top predicted names below.

Top Royal Baby Name Predictions


Diana is one of the top predicted baby names if Harry and Meghan have a girl. Diana is the name of Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana of Wales. Diana is Princess Charlotte’s third name as well.


Arthur is another possible baby name, but it’s not likely. Arthur is Prince Louis’ second name. It’s also Prince William’s second name, which is one of the reasons he passed it down to his son. The name also honors King Arthur.


Alice is a top royal baby name prediction. Alice honors Princess Alice, the third child of Queen Victoria.


Olivia is a popular Enligsh name but it’s not necessarily a royal name. The name derives from the Latin world oliva and was popularized by William Shakespeare. It’s the most popular girl name in Britain for the last four years.


Edward is definitely a possibility. Edward is the name of Harry’s uncle, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.


Elizabeth is in the running for a baby name and it’s obviously after Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. Plenty of the modern royals have Elizabeth as a second or third name, but none have it as a first name.


James was also predicted for Kate and William’s royal baby. There have been many royals and kings names James, most recently Prince Edward named his son James in 2007.


Thomas is a traditional English name if Harry and Meghan plan on going the traditional route. The name is common in Wales and Cornwall.


Victoria is a very royal name. The name honors Queen Victoria who reigned over the United Kingdom for almost 64 years. She became Queen at 18 after her father and his three brothers all passed. Victoria was also the name of Princess Alice’s first daughter.


Grace would be a beautiful but rather non-traditional choice. Obviously, Princess Grace Kelly’s name was Grace, but she isn’t part of the British royal family, so it doesn’t really count. It’s also Zara Tindall’s daughter Mia’s second name,


Henry is a huge possibility if Harry and Meghan have a son. Henry is technically Harry’s first name. Harry’s full name is Henry Charles Albert David, but everyone calls him Henry


Oliver is another popular royal name and name in general. Oliver was the top baby name in Wales and England in 2017.


Philip is a possibility if Meghan and Harry have a boy. Philip would be named after Prince Philip, Harry’s grandfather.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Expecting A Royal Baby
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Expecting A Royal Baby
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