Princess Charlotte Just Made History Thanks To The Birth Of Her Baby Brother

This morning Duchess Kate gave birth to baby boy. This is Kate and Duke William’s third child, their oldest Prince George is 4 years old and their middle child Princess Charlotte is just 2 years old.

Even though today is their little brother’s big day, Charlotte also made big news because she won’t lose her place in line for the throne. Before the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013 any girl in line for the thrown would lose her spot and be pushed back if a male sibling was born.This is the first time that the Succession of the Crown Act has been enforced.

Charlotte is still the fourth in line for the throne despite her baby brother being born. It’s not shocking that Queen Elizabeth II would enforce¬†such a rule. She is the longest living English monarch and has carried the country through numerous decades.¬†The ruling was approved when Kate became pregnant the first time just in case they had a girl first.

The Royal Family announced that Kate went into labor at 3:22 A.M. on April 23. She ended up giving birth at 11:01 A.M. today. The name of their newborn prince, who is fifth in line for the throne, has yet to be announced.

Kate and William waited two days before announcing their other child’s names, so we will probably have to wait a few days. They also announced each name via Twitter and an official announcement outside of Buckingham Palace.

It’s a big year for the Royal Family. Besides Kate and William welcoming another child, Prince Harry is getting married to Meghan Markle next month. The two announced their engagement in late November 2017. Congratulations to the whole Royal Family.

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