7 Ways You Can Become A Social Media Influencer

Usually, when we think about leadership we often envision someone taking a large crowd and marching across a wide street where signs and protests are on display. We don’t consider the fact that leaders can exist on other playing fields such as social media. I know that may sound like a reach, and you may be asking just how can a person be a leader on social media?

Here are 7 ways that leadership amid social media platforms exists:


We often think that the person who has the most followers is the most influential, while that may be the case, the opposite can also be true. A leader may follow so many more other accounts in order to gain an extensive understanding of the world at large and begin to build personal relationships with those they connect with on the internet. It is a huge place so while they may be following 3,500 accounts while only having about 1,500 following back, the believe that those 1,500 are more committed to the leader than what meets the eye.


A leader on social media doesn’t build relationships without fantastic content. More than likely, their content is for a specific group of individuals who are looking to learn, interact, or gain more awareness about a cause. The content that a leader decides to post onto social media depicts a specific brand that allows many other users on the internet to quickly identify with. Typically, the content is polished, new, and up to date with what many of the chosen fields are publishing.


Social media leaders know just what time to post to their followers. Their followers understand that this leader has something up their sleeve at just the right hour. Majority of the time, leaders understand the importance of giving content at the same time each day so that their followers can begin to expect something. Having a well-articulated sense of timeliness across all of the platforms allows a following to continuously stay on the lookout for new content.



Each leader on social media is creative in how they decide to reach out to their chosen audience. While some are actively engaged in the arts, other business leaders know how to invoke reactions to their brands just based on their ability to create eye-catching ads. Creativity is critical in order to become that famous Instagram model or viral tweeter.


Anybody who looks to take a crowd at large on a cause is devoted to what they are doing. Many hashtags that are used today are created at the hands of a person who is committed to a social movement. To truly understand the value of that particular social issue the leader has taken the time to find the population it affects as well as become passionate about what they are doing so that their cause is not just “work” rather something they don’t mind spending a lifetime devoted to.



Every leader on social media has a specific voice that we can identify them by. There have been some YouTube sensations whose voices have managed to make their way to our timelines, but what was it that attracted us to their opinions? It was the way that they constructed their jokes, how they worded their messages, their ability to enhance our knowledge through the witty ways of sharing facts. That voice can be understood through tweets in only 250 characters or Instagram pictures with captions that are eye-opening. A leader’s voice on social media is one of the most important things they have to have in order for their brand to be established.


They don’t mind retweeting the works of another writer onto their timeline, sharing other blogs that are creative, featuring photos from other Instagram accounts onto their own profile in order to promote. This kind of giving makes them stand out a bit more than the average social media user because they are interacting with their followers. Responding to messages, sending messages, liking posts, and building a social media business clientele is what keeps leaders on the rise, daily as they allow their followers to watch them be human while still taking the lead.

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