Celebrate Tina Fey’s Birthday With Some of Her Funniest Films







Tina Fey’s Birthday is today, and she is definitely one actress to celebrate. Fey has made herself a big name in the comedy business ever since her start on Saturday Night Live where she began as a writer and then an actress on the show. She and her best friend, Amy Poehler both became big names in comedy after doing SNL’s Weekend Update alongside each other and being the first two women to co-anchor the segment.

Fey has also written some famous television shows, and movies, her most known film is the hilarious Mean Girls. The film became an icon especially for millennials creating favorite quotes such as “on Wednesdays we wear pink” and “The Burn Book.”  Aside from Mean Girls Fey wrote the seven-season comedy show 30 Rock which is based on what its like to work backstage on a comedy television show. She acted alongside Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan gaining the show lots of success and even a couple of Awards and nominations for 30 Rock.

At 47, Fey has not stopped her continuous success and currently developed the Broadway show Mean Girls based on the movie, which was released in 2017. On May 4th she did an interview with David Letterman on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction which is on Netflix and she talked about her upcoming projects such as Wine Country a movie that is currently in the works which will star Amy Phoeler, Maya Rudolph, and Rachel Dratch and will be on Netflix.

Fey usually keeps a very low profile and has kept herself out of Social Media such as Instagram, so for her 48th birthday she will probably keep the celebration private and hidden from the media. But you can celebrate her birthday by watching some of her funniest films.

Here are the top Tina Fey Films to watch on her Birthday.

Mean Girls


Have a Flashback Friday moment with this film about Cady, a girl who has homeschooled in Africa all her life and now has to attend public school where she befriends the popular girls the plastics. After Cady gets her crush taken from her by the leader of the plastics Regina George, she and her friends plan how to destroy Regina’s reputation.

Baby Mama


Tina Fey stars as Kate a single woman who cannot have any kids, she pays a woman to be her surrogate, and things go south when the surrogate (Amy Poehler) moves in with her and reveals her wild personality.

Date Night


Phil and Claire Foster finally get a night to themselves and decide to go on a date night. After not being able to get a table at a fancy restaurant they choose to steal the reservation of another couple. What was supposed to be a fun night turns into danger as the couple they posed as currently being looked for by dangerous men.



After leaving his planet, Megamind and his nemesis Metroman battle it out for years leading Megamind to plan the disappearance of Metroman. Causing Megamind to be the cities last hope when a villain worse than him strikes the town.

This Is Where I Leave You


After the death of their father, a family gathers together for his funeral. They come to find out that their fathers last wish was for all them to spend time together, and their mother forces them to live altogether for seven days. They start to get to know each other better and go through funny moments in the week.

Enjoy these funny films and make sure to watch any of Tina Fey’s upcoming projects!

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