A Love Story Wedding That Touches On History

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have, officially, tied the knot. What a beautiful wedding it was to watch. It looked like a scene from Princess Diaries. Everyone was dressed properly and elegantly. People from all over the world gathered to celebrate the bonding or Prince Harry and Markle. A couple that is truly in love. It’s only right to talk about their fairytale story that leads to their beautiful wedding.


It’s no secret that Prince Harry is very much like his mother, Princess Diana. He doesn’t take part in the publicity or even the traditions of the royal rules. He is lively, like his mother, and chooses to be part of a life that allows him to enjoy his surroundings. He is one to step out of traditions. One big step was marrying an American. Prince Harry chose to find love that would last a lifetime, rather than taking part in traditions. And it shows in the royal wedding.


Markle is an American actress best known for her role as Rachel Zane in the legal drama “Suits.” One that is not familiar to royalty or anything royal is ready to take the step in becoming a part of the British royal family. But, thanks to Prince Harry she hasn’t made that much change to their lives.


Comparing them to Prince William and Kate Middleton who married in 2011, there is a difference in how the two couples act around each other. In their history, Prince William and Middleton met in college and spent five years together before getting married. For Prince Harry and Markle, they met in their 30s and knew each other for a year before they decided to tie the knot. Usually, when a couple meets in their 30s are able to find themselves during their 20s. They get to experience a life where they know what makes them happy, making Prince Harry and Markle’s relationship that much stronger than Prince William and Middleton’s relationship.


They way each couple presents themselves to the public describes their individual personalities and how they view the world around them. Prince William and Middleton are rule followers, mostly due to the high ranking they are at for the throne. Prince Harry and Markle aren’t traditional, they hold hands in public, allow for a relax tone around the media, they live their lives how they want to with the love they have for each other. For us watching this wedding is even more like a love story looking at the personal side of the couple.

The Wedding


During the broadcast of the royal wedding, there was much talk about Prince Harry and the relationship he had with his mother, Princess Diana. The broadcasters talked a lot about how this day is not only a celebration of love for Prince Harry and Markle but also a celebration that two boys who lost their mother are able to move on especially with their own lives. Being more specific to Prince Harry who was much closer and similar to his mother.


Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding had traditional elements that incorporated many remembering’s of Princess Diana. Three aspects of Princess Diana is in the royal wedding, the jewels, flowers, and guests. The jewelry is the rings what Prince Harry and Markel exchanged during the ceremony. Diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection are featured in the ring. White roes fill the chapel which was Princess Diana’s favorite flower. The many guests attending the royal wedding, some are a part of Diana’s family. Her brother, Earl Charles Spencer, and sisters, Lady Sarah and Lady Jane.


As Prince Harry and Prince William enter the chapel, there were some heartfelt moments of seeing the two boys who lost their mother’s at a young age be grown men who have accomplished a lot and have found happy lives with women they love and who love them back.

The Ceremony


As Markle entered the chapel, alone to be the first female to walk alone to make a feminist statement, there was nothing but smiles between the two. There were signs of nerves between the two, more on Harry. But they disappeared when he first saw Markle in her beautiful appearance.


Standing hand in hand at the front of the chapel, Prince Harry could not take his eyes off of Markle. Throughout the ceremony, neither one could keep their eyes off of each other. Smiles and laughter were shared amongst everyone in the chapel as the two said their “I will’s.”


Speeches were made with the same topic, love. Bishop Michael Curry spoke of Martin Luther King Jr. and how he described love and how it’s all around us. He talked about first love and how love can feel right. Love is power, it can heal and create. The love that helps us live our lives. Connecting the love of Prince Harry and Markle, but also joining the love of family; past and present.


Rings were exchanged, and Prince Harry and Markle were pronounced husband and wife. Their wedding will live in history with their unique style and love. Take away the royal power and the public eye, these two share a strong bond. It’s a fairytale wedding that many dreams of having and have the pleasure to watch.


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The Big Mistake Found In Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Wedding Program
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