13 Lyrics From Kacey Musgrave’s Latest Album ‘Golden Hour’ That Are Perf For Your Next IG Caption

Kacey Musgraves is not new to the country music scene. The 29-year-old has three major label albums, an EP and a Christmas album under her musical belt. She’s by no means a newbie, but her latest album Golden Hour is the crown jewel of her discography. The album was released on March 30, with “Space Cowboy” and “High Horse” as the lead singles.

Musgraves has an ability to vocalize the in-between feeling of joy and sadness so perfectly. On “Happy & Sad” she crones about that feeling when you are in the middle of a really great time, how you start worrying about the downfall. “And I’m the kind of person who starts getting kinda nervous / When I’m having the time of my life.” It’s like the cliche, what goes up must come down, but this song is anything but cliche.

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It’s ironic because Musgraves started writing this album after she got married in 2017. But Golden Hour is far from a love album. If anything her marriage made Musgraves hyper-focused on emotions. Those inexplicably tiny emotional shifts that you can’t quite verbalize, Musgraves is an expert at stripping down and putting on display.

“Lonely Weekend,” I think shows Kacey’s ability perfectly. The song is about her not having any plans for the weekend and feeling that painful type of loneliness, the one you can feel in the pit of your stomach. But at the same time she recognizes she isn’t alone forever and that it’s only temporary, but still, she is allowed to feel loneliness. “Even if you got somebody on your mind / It’s alright to be alone sometimes, sometimes,” is the bridge and sums up the song perfectly.

Musgraves isn’t the typical good country girl like early Taylor Swift was. Musgraves is significantly more progressive than the rest of her country peers. “Slow Burn” the leading track on the album is about Musgraves laid-back attitude, but also about slowly smoking big weed. Her love of weed isn’t just riddled in double entendres. She shares photos of her smoking joints with her husband and videos of her rolling papers.

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The shortest song on the album “Mother” is about Musgraves missing her mother. She posted on Instagram that she wrote the song while high on LSD. She’s like Willie Nelson if Nelson loved rainbows and butterflies.

Needless to say any emotion you’re feeling, there is a Golden Hour lyric to describe it. Click through the gallery at the top to read the best lyrics from Golden Hour to use as an Instagram caption.

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