Top 5 Best LGBTQ YouTube Channels For Pride Month 2018


Whether you like to watch Make-up tutorials or vlogs of your favorite stars, YouTube has been the outlet for these videos for many years. Within the past few years, many people have been creating careers and stardom from this platform with millions of people subscribing to these channels. Here are the top five best LGBTQ channels to check out, subscribe to and binge watch away.

Tyler Oakley

Tyler is no stranger to the YouTube community, as a matter of fact, he has over seven million followers. He started his channel back in 2007 while a freshman at Michigan State University. It wasn’t until 2014 where his stardom really took off when he won a Teen Choice Award for both “Webstar Male” and “Collaboration.”

Since then Tyler has blossomed into the humorous flamboyant YouTuber that he is today. When Tyler isn’t too busy making or editing videos he is an avid LGBTQ+ rights activist, talk show host, New York Times Bestselling Author and a podcast personality with his good friend Kory Kuhl. Want to see what makes Tyler a YouTube superstar? Subscribe to Tyler Oakley on YouTube, you’ll be hooked instantly.

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid has been a part of the YouTube community since 2009. She’s known for posting Vlogmas videos, where she posts a vlog every day of December until Christmas, to monthly favorite videos of beauty products and lifestyle items she has been obsessed with. Even though Ingrid’s channel has been around for many years, she only recently came out on her channel in 2015. Her video “Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out)” has reached over 17 million views, is one of the most powerful coming out videos posted on YouTube.

Ingrid has even gotten to speak to former President Obama about LGBTQ+ discrimination and violence. Want to learn about what Ingrid is loving in the month of May or hear about touching topics? Subscribe to Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube, her charm and personality will real you right in.

Connor Franta

With inspiration like Shane Dawson and Mitchell Davis, Connor began making YouTube videos back in 2010. He was also part of a collaborative channel called, “Our2ndLife,” but left the group in 2014 due to personal reasons. In 2014, Connor made a video called, “Coming Out,” where he had decided to publically announce his sexuality. This video has more than 12 million views, being the second most watched video on his channel.

In addition to his YouTube stardom, Connor is also a New York Times Best Selling Author, an LGBTQ+ rights activist, business owner of a lifestyle brand- Common Culture-, and an award-winning YouTuber. Connor has also released the second book in April 2017 that features essays, poems, stories and photographs about his struggles with depression, anxiety, breakups, and self-love. Want to watch videos like Q&A’s all the way to poetic artistry? Head on over to Connor Franta’s YouTube channel and subscribe away.

Hannah Hart

Mostly known for her, “My Drunk Kitchen” web show, Hannah has made a name for herself on YouTube in only a few short years. Hannah has only been on YouTube since 2011 but hit the internet by storm after quitting her nine to five job as an aspiring screenplay writer and recording videos of herself drunk, making food.

Hannah has been openly gay since she began YouTube and had no need to create a coming out video for her channel. She has been nominated for multiple awards, winning two Streamy Awards for “Best Female Performance-Comedy” and “Best Comedy,” both for My Drunk Kitchen. She also received a Shorty Award for Best in Food in 2016. Besides making YouTube videos Hannah has gone on a world tour, co-starred in a stand-up comedy show with Grace Helbig, written cookbooks, and memoirs as well as been featured in television shows like Food Network Star and a few others.  Want to have a glass of wine or two while cooking some delicious food? Scribe to Hannah Hart on YouTube and start cooking away.

Shane Dawson

Shane has been a part of the YouTube community since 2008 and has received well over four billion views on his videos, if that isn’t a YouTube superstar, what is? Shane came out recently in 2015 as bisexual, after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Lisa Schwartz. He has since been dating ClevverTv’s star, Ryan Adams. Shane has three different YouTube channels that he runs, his first, “ShaneDawsonTV,” is where a majority of his beginning content was created. His second channel “Human Emoji,” was short-lived and hasn’t been in much use since 2012. His third and newest channel, “Shane,” is where he posts original content Monday through Friday every week. Shane has also been known for his controversial videos which he has gotten in trouble for in the past. If you want to watch the OG of YouTube videos head on over to Shane Dawson on YouTube and check out how far he’s come.

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