Chris Harrison Girlfriends 2021: Who Is Chris Dating Now?

Chris Harrison has carried a notable career as an American television and game show host. He mostly is known for his role as host of the ABC reality TV show The Bachelor since 2002, and its many spin-offs such as The Bachelorette since 2003. You must wonder considering that he has been the host of a show all about love for over 15 years–what has his personal love life looked like?

Gwen Harrison 1994-2012

Harrison married his college sweetheart, Gwen Harrison in 1994. They sustained an 18-year long marriage but split in May 2012. They had two children together who are now teenagers. But they did not end their marriage on bad terms–when they divorced in 2012, they released a joint statement indicating their mutual love and respect for each other. It’s amazing that after being together for 18 years and splitting up, they can still have a positive relationship together, especially for the sake of their kids.

In 2016, Harrison interviewed with The Daily Beast about his love life. In the interview, he said that he wants to focus on his kids and not looking for a relationship. Harrison wants to make sure his kids are “good” until he has a love life again. He claimed that he never had dated any women since his split with Gwen and especially not from the show–but the rumor mill says otherwise. Let’s look at some of Harrison’s rumored relationships.

Ashley Spivey 2011

Ashley Spivey was a former contestant on The Bachelor, and although she did not walk away with the final rose, she captured Harrison’s attention. On Reddit, a user asked if anyone from the reality show has slept with Harrison and Spivey responded. Bachelorette couple Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum set them up–they were supposed to go on a double date, but Herbert and Rosenbaum pulled out at the last minute.

According to Spivey, he was a gentleman on the date and paid for the meal. They texted a lot after the date, but it was not meant to be! She did not see him again until Hebert and Rosenbaum’s wedding and her date was her boyfriend, Steve Hunsberger–who would later become her husband! He apparently said to he “well you sure move on fast!” He definitely had something going on with Spivey!

AshLee Frazier 2016

In January 2016 rumors started that Harrison was dating former contestant, AshLee Frazier. Harrison posted a photo with her on Twitter in the Tweet indicating that they had just run into each other. But– they were allegedly spotted together during that same weekend at a Houston bar and the next day at a birthday party. Harrison never commented on whether or not they were officially dating, and nothing has seemed to have come up about it. But all the signs point that there was something there. Maybe it’s tightly under wraps?

With no relationships in public, it’s hard to see where Harrison’s love life is headed and where it has been. As of right now, he seems to be focused on his career–no word on recent relationships. Maybe he will be the next Bachelor himself for an upcoming season. It would be ironic to see him in that spot after watching him as an all-knowing host for over 15 years. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Chris Harrison is pretty good at the dating game though he is the host of ‘Bachelor’, he is currently dating Lauren Zima.

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