Kendall Jenner Is Being Accused Of Photoshopping Her Latest Topless Instagram

Kendall Jenner is not shy about bearing it all on the ‘gram or on the red carpet. Last night the 22-year-old posted a photo of herself topless with a towel on her head sipping a glass of red wine. The photo has over four million likes and some fans have noticed something strange about the pic and are now accusing her of photoshop.

The door or wall right above Jenner’s seemingly flat stomach looks warped. You can see that the door appears to have a slight curve near the bottom. It’s highly doubtful that the wall has a natural slight bend right above Jenner’s stomach and thigh. The magically bending door is probably the result of someone slimming her stomach and top of her thigh.

But the door isn’t the only thing fans are questioning. Celeb Face, a private Instagram that is dedicated to exposing celebrities photoshop blunders, shared and pointed out Jenner’s photoshop fail.

In the comments of Celeb Face’s post followers are questioning Jenner’s elbow. Her elbow looks like it’s been pulled down, which might be caused by elongating her torso. It’s definitely suspect.

This isn’t the first time Jenner has been accused of photoshopping by Celeb Face. The account has a few different types of posts that they do to call out editing. A popular one is when they post side-by-side images of what the celebrity shared versus the real unedited photo. They follow up the two photos with a video going back and forth from the real and edited image so viewers can have a greater understanding of just how severe the editing was. This is only done when the account has access to the unedited images like when a celebrity walks a red carpet or does press.

Recently they’ve called out Jenner for editing her face in her Met Gala Instagram and editing her waist in her Vanity Fair Oscar party post. The account doesn’t just focus on Jenner. They call out all celebrities’ photoshopping ways.

Jenner may not be the culprit for the seemingly photoshop fail though. In early May she was called out for blurring Kacey Musgraves ad for her new album High Horse in the back of her photo. Someone screenshotted the post shared it on Twitter and called Jenner out. She responded by writing that she “didn’t edit this photo” and that she is a big fan of Musgraves. Imagine being so famous you don’t have to edit your own Instagram pics.

The same could be the case for the bathtub photo. Whichever assistant she has editing her photos needs a photoshop refresher, because it’s getting pretty bad.

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