How To Celebrate Turning 21 In New York City

I turned 21 while studying in Europe where the drinking age is 18, so 21 meant nothing over there. But in America, 21 is a pivotal age for college students, and there are so many great ways to properly celebrate this momentous age in New York besides going out with friends to a normal bar.

Belt out your favorite songs with your friends in K-Town.

If you’re like me and have wanted to spend your birthday singing karaoke, then you’ll know that most karaoke bars in the city are 21 and up.

Go to a rooftop bar.

A rooftop bar is a fun and particularly Instagram-able experience.

Eat boozy ice cream

I didn’t think ice cream could get any better, but then Tipsy Scoop came along.

Get your Gatsby on by going to a Speakeasy

(Insert 1920’s jazz music)

Drink a show cocktail

Surprise, Manhattan is actually an island in the Caribbean.

Express yourself at House of Yes in Bushwick

Even though it just opened in 2016, it has quickly become one of New York’s most beloved clubs.

Have a boozy brunch

Swap out a birthday cake for birthday pancakes, but keep the booze, of course.

Drink mimosas at Drag brunch

It’s like the two best things about New York had a love child.

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