5 Reasons You Need To Break Up With Tinder

While we like to believe that we can find someone substantial online, more specifically on Tinder, please be aware that there are reasons as to why this idea isn’t so great. Here are five reasons that your idea of dating with Tinder won’t work and just why it’s time for you and the app to break up.

It Just Isn’t Safe


There are so many random people online that background checks are necessary in order to build an account. Your local pervert that is restricted from being around children can have a Tinder account, what if you encounter this old man? And, besides, this world is full of crazy people that are always looking for fresh, naive bait, I’m sure you don’t want your body to end up in a river floating face down because you were just trying to sleep around or find someone to “get to know.”

Everyone Is A Stranger To You

Besides just not being safe, those people on the app are all strangers. I know you’ve heard of “Stranger Danger,” but there’s some truth in that message. You don’t exactly know what the intentions are of someone else.

It may sound like a plus that it is filled with strangers, but the problem is that it would take days before you really know this person. You could be catfished into believing the person you’re getting to know is someone else. You might even find out that this person has a criminal background that you don’t want to associate yourself with. The odds of this stranger being someone you’ll actually enjoy is pretty low, so invest more time into finding people outside of the app.

Most People Are Looking Solely for Sex

Well, if you’re looking solely for sex, then this is an amazing idea.

However, just a forewarning. Think about the high risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease just for five minutes of pleasure. And, there is nothing trustworthy about this relationship. Just how you could meet this person and sleep with them within a day or week of knowing them, they can do the same to you. But, again, if you’re looking just for sex it’s definitely your go-to, just make sure you don’t end up with a baby by someone you just met.

How Much Can You Learn From Five Minutes of T[s]exting?

Let’s be honest, most of the conversations that happen while you’re on Tinder don’t have any real purpose except to figure out just what kind of positions you’re into. So, how much can you actually learn from five minutes of texting? Or, should I say, sexting? Not much.

You’ll only really find out this person’s zodiac sign and birthday, their hometown (if that’s true), and name (if that’s also true.) If you’re thinking about a relationship this isn’t the go-to, it’s filled with many sketchy people who aren’t trying to have a substantive conversation. And, if you’re a guy trying to get your rocks off, please, have more substance and spare some heartbroken, lonely girl the time of day.

Maybe It Isn’t The App It’s You Who Needs Fixing


What I’ve found, in my many days of being a twenty-one-year-old girl, is that most of my friends who use Tinder are looking to fill some kind of emotional void. Hell, I’ve been a victim of this. But, the point I’m getting at is the fact that on this kind of app are people who are just as, if not more, emotionally broken as you are.

So, while you’re trying to date around and window shop for someone to talk to online your life may not only be in physical danger but also emotional. If nobody in real life is good enough for you to “hook-up” with or “get to know” then maybe it isn’t everyone else and it’s you. By turning to this kind of app we think that there is “fun” in it, but the truth is, we’re seeking risky emotional thrills in order to not face reality.

So, please, consider these five reasons and break up with Tinder.

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