These Are 12 Things You Can Tell About A Tinder Match Based On Their Bio

We’ve all had stints on Tinder at some point or another, and we know all too well the cycle of downloading and deleting and repeating. We have our own preferences when it comes to the swiping process, whether you swipe upon first glance or you like to assess the bio first. It’s inevitable that we don’t always know what to expect when it comes to online dating, but profiles can usually give you a few clues. If you’re looking for a summer fling, we’ve got you covered to help simplify the process. Check out the 12 things you can tell from one’s Tinder bio.

The bio that aims for a hookup.


This guy will probably be upfront about what he wants. He and his girlfriend are looking for a third, or he’ll unabashedly discuss his fetishes. He’ll waste no time in meeting up, will respond fairly quickly, and has no problem giving you his address in less than 3 messages. His bio includes any combination of the tongue, water, peach and/or eggplant emoji, and he’ll be quick to note that any kids in his photos aren’t his.

The bio that was written to impress.


They’ll write their height, detail their gym routine, and mention their scars and tattoos. Little do they know that not every girl is attracted to stereotypically masculine turn-ons.

The bio that includes a Snapchat handle.


Translation, he’s visual and wants photos. It’s an ego boost for him to have as many snap streaks as possible and if you break it, he’ll be onto the next. If he’s so public about letting everyone know his Snapchat, it makes you wonder how many other girls are on his contact list.

The bio with high expectations.


This one will have unrealistic ideas about how girls should be. There’ll be lines about preferred ethnicities and body types as well as the condescending “Don’t be boring,” as if we’re expected to entertain their late-night convos.

The bio that shows its user takes Tinder a little too seriously.

Their bio will be something along the lines of “Don’t swipe right if you don’t plan on responding,” and girl RUN. They’ll most likely try to meet up with all their matches and not-so-subtly complain that they’re the only ones keeping up a convo. They could be serious about finding a girlfriend or a penpal, and Tinder is their way to do it.

The bio that expects you to mold yourself to fit.


There’s nothing wrong with one discussing their interests but adding lines alluding to you needing to have similar interests to get a shot with them is a hard pass. They want you to get to know them but might not be so keen on getting to know you, especially if they say things like “If you like (insert their interest), you’ll pass my test” or “Extra points for you.”

The bio that goes with the flow.


They’ll say something like “Down for anything,” or “Let’s see where things go.” More often than not, they’re looking for a hookup buddy but won’t explicitly say it to boost their amount of matches and come across as “chill.”

The bio that includes a height.


Let’s face it, as superficial as it makes us look, some girls really do care about height. Guys have caught onto this and if they’re 6’0 and up, they’re gonna mention this to their advantage. Their number will be accompanied by some snarky remark about how they only added it because “Apparently it matters.” However Chad, we can also tell how tall you are by your photos.

The bio that includes a flag emoji.


They could be on an exchange, they just moved, or they’re proud of their ethnicity. It’ll either be something they’re hoping you guys will have in common and if they’re new to the area, they want a tour guide to show them around.

The bio that’s just looking for clout.


They’ll indicate that they’re photographers, link their page and mainly want you to follow them to boost their ratio.

The bio that’s empty.


An empty bio doesn’t always mean the same thing for everyone. They could either be shy or don’t take the app seriously enough to come up with something to write. Though, if they don’t at least link their Instagram or Spotify, there’s not much for you to work with.

The bio that’s actually worth your time.


There’ll be a line about the guy’s ideal date, whether it’s a coffee shop hangout or a museum visit which means they want to get to know you. There’s also a lesser chance of him asking you to kick it at his crib for a first date unless you’re into that sorta thing. He could have bullet points of his interests, discussion topics, or a thoughtful question. Importantly, you’ll get an idea of him and can easily use the info to come up with an icebreaker.

Of course, there’s more to Tinder users than their photos and bio. A few sentences and a couple selfies aren’t accurate definers though if you know what to watch out for, you can decipher who potentially isn’t a good match for you. As long as you don’t take yourself too seriously and are upfront what you’re looking for, you’ll have a genuine experience. Happy swiping!

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