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Break out (but don’t break) your fanciest glasses because today is National Wine Day 2018! National Wine Day falls on May 25 each year and is in place to honor a much-loved alcoholic beverage.

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Winemaking dates back at least 8,000 years. The oldest wine that we know of today was found in what is now the country Georgia, and as the years went on, winemaking technology continued to advance. The oldest confirmed winery was in the Areni cave in Vayouts Dzor in Armenia, and archaeologists found a plethora of cups, jars, seeds, vines, wine presses and fermentation vats at this site dating back to 4300 B.C.E.

During the Middle Ages, Monastic orders developed even more elaborate winemaking technologies, and many of their techniques are still used today. The first ice wine, made from frozen grapes, was invented by the Germans approximately 200 years ago.

Today, more grapes are planted for wine than any other crop in the entire world, and there are over 8,700 wineries in the United States.

international wine day

Wine is made from fermented fruit, typically grapes. Yeast consumes the sugar in the grapes and converts it into alcohol.

Not all wines are created equal; there are a variety of flavors out there, and experienced winemakers will even combine existing ones to create new options. Grapes for red wines typically grow in warmer climates, while grapes used to make white wine can be found in cooler areas, but it is likely that global warming will complicate matters and impact where the grapes can or cannot be grown in the future. So if you didn’t have an excuse to help slow down global warming already, here it is!

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I’ve got a few fun facts about wine that you can share with friends to make you seem more worldly and sophisticated. While some wines improve with age, this is not true for all of them, so make sure that you do your research when picking out a bottle. The name for the smell of wine varies based on its age; for older wines, the scent of a wine is called the “bouquet,” while for younger wines, the proper terminology is “aroma.”

Want to hear a really fun fact? Drinking wine regularly can boost your sex drive, and women who have two glasses of wine each day tend to enjoy physical pleasure more than those who do not drink at all.

international wine day

You can celebrate National Wine Day by learning more about the history of wine and drinking some. (Unless you’re under 21, of course, in which case you are technically restricted to grape juice. Tragic.)You can also incorporate wine into your cooking and into making desserts if you have no desire to get tipsy. If you want to be really extra, you can go all out and celebrate by visiting a winery–California has many good ones–or ordering your very own keg full of wine here.

Don’t forget to use #NationalWineDay if you are posting on social media and enjoy National Wine Day 2018!

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