5 Reasons You Should Be Reading An E-Book This Summer

Okay, okay, let’s dispel the conflict before it starts. Traditional paperbacks are just as important as E-Books and there are a lot of people who love reading them since they can have the old feel of antiqueness and the smell of crisp published pages with ink.

However, this summer e-books are an easy go-to if you’re on the road, busy with interning, or just want to take more than one book along with you without being over packed. Here are five reasons as to why they’re an amazing addition to your book collection.

They Are Versatile


E-Books are versatile in nature, they are the kind of books that are weightless when you place them in a bag, they can be found on an iPad, laptop, or even a phone. You can change the way it looks on your device by adjusting the light, font, and page color settings. If you are feeling adventurous, you can browse thousands of them no matter whether or not you are using the Amazon’s Kindle or iBooks.

Also, I’m sure many of you may not be aware of Overdrive. It is an app that allows you the ability to check out library books digitally and read them right from your tablet, the website will allow you to download it on your Apple or Android device. If you have a local library all you have to do is gain membership in order to access all kinds of books from childhood favorites to recent NYTimes Best Sellers.

You Can Take Them Anywhere


Perhaps the best reason why I love ebooks, no matter where I am they are always acceptable. If you can carry your phone with you everywhere then you can read a couple pages from your favorite novel, it’s just that easy. In the digital age we have to adjust the amount of information we process and how we access it, we should take our favorite novels with us.

Think about this, if you can read about two thousand tweets per day you can read more than three chapters of an e-book. Forbes has published an article stating that our generation of Millennials is page-turners, we are reading more than our grandparents with a combination of social media, research, and day to day pleasure. So, download that next book in order to further this reading trend we have among ourselves.

Easy and Quick to Read


Electronic books are super easy and quick to read. There are some of us who get quite intimidated with the size of a book and don’t want to read it because we think that the page lines and font size is a bit too much to process given all that we have going on around us. Also, if we’re being honest, giant books can be boring. Who wants to read a huge book while there are so many other things that could be keeping our attention?

Well, you don’t have that same problem with an ebook. When you download it there are page numbers to tell you just how far you’ve read, but more than that, you can change the font to where it isn’t as intimidating, you can hide the percentage you have read so that you can enjoy and not worry about where you are in the novel, and you can manipulate line spacing/layout all to your liking.

Giant, hard to read, and long-winded novels are a thing of the past, that is… unless you pick up something by Charles Dickens.

Annotations Available


Annotations are important to any and every kind of reader, no matter if you’re just reading for fun or you’re a serious student, maybe even a professor looking to build a lesson plan around the novel at hand. These annotations that you create give you insight into what’s going on and allow you to comment on things that you find interesting. The most important thing about annotations is that they will all sync across your devices and you can pick right up where you left off.

Community Oriented

Who doesn’t love a good community of readers? They keep us finding the next novel to enjoy and give us something to look forward to. If you want this community of readers you can find them on this app known as GoodReads, it helps you to connect with others while also finding your next favorite book. You should definitely check it out! Another good place to look would be on your social media, you can follow people who read just as much as you do and start discussions about the book at hand.

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