Everyone Is Roasting This Poorly Edited FashionNova Ad





FashionNova doesn’t disappoint when you’re on the hunt for new going out clothes and something to show the curves off. In anticipation for their new men’s line, they’ve been posting joint ads of their male and female lines together so couples can match and look FashionNova cute together

A recent ad showed a guy in a white tank and an American flag bath suit and a girl in a stars and stripes bikini. But there is only one small thing that is making FashionNova fans do a double take. The female model Yodit Yemane’s body is HEAVILY edited.

FashionNova fans are used to seeing models with a tiny waist and bigger hips, that’s nothing new. But Yemane’s hips in that photo are just unrealistic. Fans have been dragging FashionNova for their poor photoshopping skills.

A few fans quickly argued that the photo isn’t edited and that Yemane actually looks like that. Just by scrolling through her Instagram you can tell that she has an insane body. But still, her hips do not look like they do in the FashionNova ad.


In the FashionNova photo, you can see how unnaturally Yemane’s hips jut out in almost a straight line. Yemane already has exaggerated features so photoshopping them, even more, is why their photo looks ridiculous.


Lay off the photoshop next time FashionNova.

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