‘Think Like A SheEO’ Is The Book You Should Be Reading Next

SheEO was founded by women for women who are entrepreneurs starting their own business. The company is a pro-feminist and takes pride in helping women to grow their startups in a matter of time. They are supportive of any woman no matter their age from 14-92, they are supporting mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, and students. Their way of working alongside you has to deal with collaboration and monthly coaching in order to help you towards your goal. But, perhaps you don’t want to be an official member quite yet, you can always check out their book.

If you identify as a woman or not you can still find advice in this book. You should be reading it for the way that it outlines how to be your own boss. Who wouldn’t enjoy learning more about entrepreneurship? After all, we live in a day and age where having your own platform is important and easy. This book is sure to give you guidance on how to effectively grow your startup, maintain, and build quality relationships along the way.

Think Like A SheEO

Vicki Saunders and M.J. Ryan took the time to lay out eight principles that will help women to understand why they should be building new mindsets, platforms, and principles throughout our generation. In their book, they encourage women to build brands that highlight what they love to do as well as empowering others to follow their dreams. This book is for the woman who is a leader and wants to gain more insight about how to influence others through her work of self-branding.


Above is the book on Amazon where it is available for paperback and e-book format. So far, it has been rated five stars and there are used editions available for purchase starting at just $1.99, make sure you get your copy!

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