ABC’s New Dating Show Is The Lovechild Of ‘The Bachelor’ And A Beauty Pageant

Remember all the contestants in The Bachelor‘s Franchise who said the process just wasn’t for them, and they couldn’t propose to someone after 10 weeks (looking at you, Peter Kraus)? Well, they definitely would not want to be a part of ABC’s new dating show, The Proposal.

The reality competition, which will premiere this summer on June 18, is produced by Bachelor creator, Mark Fleiss, and will be hosted by former NFL player and Season 5 Bachelor, Jesse Palmer. For those who were still in elementary school when Season 5 of The Bachelor aired, Jesse was the first professional athlete on the show.

After the 10 week “journey” he didn’t actually propose to the winner, Jessica Bowlin. The two decided to date and see where things could go, but they lasted only one month after the finale. Since then, he’s been a sports broadcaster and host. Sadly, he’s still not married – why do producers choose unmarried men to host TV shows about marriage?

The basic premise of the show is like a beauty pageant, except instead of competing for a title and trophy, ten men or women, depending on the episode, will be competing in four rounds of competition to see if they are compatible with the mystery suitor. That’s right, they don’t even get to meet the bachelor/bachelorette face-to-face unless they are in the final two. At the end of the hourlong episode – that’s right, not a whole season, just one EPISODE – there will be a proposal.

And based on the trailer, people actually get engaged. Though the chance of the engagement lasting seems unlikely, The Bachelor doesn’t have a great success rate, so maybe it will work on The Proposal. One thing’s for sure, even though it shares similarities with The Bachelor, it will pale in comparison because Chris Harrison isn’t hosting.

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