5 Things Your Single Friends Need For You To Know

Misconceptions about your single friends being lonely, jealous, desperate or depressed while you’re out there with your boo thang loving life are all too common, unfortunately. Before you make assumptions on how your single friends may feel about being single, have a chat with them to see what’s really going on and take a look at these five things she wants you to know.

1. Don’t set them up with just anyone.

It can be tempting to want to set up your single friends so you can go on double dates but setting your friend up with just any ‘ol body just so you have another couple to hang out with is selfish and ups your chances of things ending badly. If you genuinely want to set your single friend up with someone, make sure that you get her permission first and that the person is someone you honestly feel will make a good match for HER. Setting her up with some random Joe Shmoe is not the way to go.

2. They aren’t necessarily lonely just because they are single.

It’s pretty easy to assume that your single friends are lonely and depressed while you’re boo’d up with your bae but that’s not always the case. The truth is that some of your single friends are actually single by choice and far from lonely. The best thing you can do before making such an assumption is to ask your friend straight up if they are happy. If they give you the thumbs up that they are content let it go and take their word for it.

3. They want their alone time with you…

While your single friends are glad to see that you are happy in a relationship and know that you’re gonna be with your significant other more, they also want to maintain the friendship you have and still hang out without your bae. Bringing your boo a long to hang out with you and your single friends is a huge girl code no-no. Every once in a while, leave your bae at home and spend some one on one time with your single besties.

4…but don’t mind third wheelin’ sometimes.

And while you may think your single friends don’t want to be the third wheel everytime you and your sweetie are hanging out, that’s not always necessarily the case. Sometimes your single friends don’t mind tagging along with you and your boo every now and again, as long as it’s not awkward or uncomfy. Your single friend doesn’t mind going to a movie or grabbing a quick bite with you and your boo every once in a while.

5. You can talk to them about your bae.

Your single friends don’t mind hearing you gush about your bae from time to time, as long as that’s not the ONLY thing you’re talking about. While your single friends are happy that you found love in a hopeless place, they don’t necessarily want to hear about it everytime you guys catch up or chat with one another.

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