These Are The 9 Best Hacks For Treating A Sunburn

Sunburns suck and not to mention are HORRIBLE for your skin but it’s summer and we’d all be lying if we said it never happens to us!  While it’s best to wear sunscreen and avoid those rays altogether, there are precautions you can take after you get one ease the burn and soothe your skin.

Let’s take a look at some clutch sunburn hacks because let’s face it, we’re probably going to need them this summer.


Aloe is the most common sunburn relief.  You can buy the gel at the store to place on burns. Pro-Tip is to store it in the fridge so that it’s extra cooling when you use it on a sunburn.  You could also use natural aloe from a plant, extra points for that because it’s soooo good for the skin!

For added relief, you can make ice cubes out of aloe that are colder and will soothe the skin and redness.

White Vinegar

Ok so this sounds gross and you’ll smell like a salt and vinegar chips but rubbing vinegar on a sunburn will significantly reduce the redness and itchiness. Vinegar contains acetic acid which is in aspirin, so it will also help to ease the pain and inflammation.

Plain Yogurt or Milk

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Applying cold, plain yogurt or milk to a burn is super soothing and will help to restore your skin, especially if you got blisters! Ow.


Sleeping with a sunburnt body is downright painful so try sprinkling some cornstarch on your sheets. It sounds weird but the cornstarch will minimize the friction so you can sleep more comfortably.


If you’re sunburnt on your face, applying cucumbers over your eyes like they do at the spa will ease the burn and soothe the skin.

Sunburn Mask

Sephora Collection has come out with an after sun, watermelon mask. It’s a sheet mask that will nourish skin and prolong your tan because let’s face it if you get burnt you better get a good tan out of it!

Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut oil

The combination of these two ingredients is supposed to significantly reduce redness and inflammation of a sunburn.

Black Tea Bags

Black tea is said to relieve the painful sting of a sunburn. Submerge the bags in cold water and place them on the burn. You can also brew black tea, let it get cold and wet it on a washcloth to place on the burn for relief.  OR you can take a bath in black tea!

Baby Wipes

Placing baby wipes on top of the burn will add a cooling effect to the area!

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