Fitness Instagrammers Who Keep It Real

#Fitspo can be a stellar motivator but can also leave you feeling down on your own (rockin’) bod. Excercise is designed to keep you healthy and happy–inside and out. However, it can sometimes feel like you are drowning in photoshopped images of perfectly toned butts and flat tummy teas–so we compiled a list of our favorite fit Instagram ladies who will not only motivate you to break a sweat but keep it body positive along the way!

Kelsey Wells, @kelseywells

Kelsey keeps it fun in her muscle-building workout videos and genuine updates on her own fitness–all while providing tips regarding both physical and mental wellness.

Ali Maffucci, @getinspiralized

This blogger turned fitness Instagrammer is unfiltered with her posts about weight goals, ups and downs and everyday struggles as a new mom trying to stay in shape.

Massy Arias, @massy.arias

Stunning health coach Massy truly kicks ass in the gym and with her inspirational captions about why she loves her body–and how you can too.


Colleen O’Donnell, @cocos_gymsta

Colleen, a 21-year-old personal trainer, not only posts delish recipes and booty-toning workouts but is amazingly honest with her followers about her history with an eating disorder and how she has come to embrace food.

Jessamyn Stanley, @mynameisjessamyn

A body-positive yogi with a strong spiritual side, Jessamyn’s account provides both inspiration and contemplation.

Steph Smith, @stephclairesmith

Steph is majorly stylish and super cute. Her bubbly personality shines through her posts–whether she is detailing her workouts, struggles with acne or just having fun.


Kassi Mansfield, @kassimansfield

A postpartum depression and bulimia survivor, Kassi reminds us that health and fitness are truly about taking the best care of yourself possible.

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