Science Says This Is The Best Way To Get Over Your Ex

Everybody has their own techniques when it comes to getting over breakups. Whether it’s listening to they saying “time heals all” or waiting until you meet someone new. Even with all these countless methods, you never honestly know which one is right for you. A new study on breakups about getting over your ex-has finally given us a scientifically backed way for moving on.

During a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, researchers put together a group of 24 heartbroken people between the ages of 20 and 37 and tested their new method. All of these members had been in long-term relationships, but the way the breakups happened varied from some dumping their ex versus their ex-dumping them. The researchers had the heartbroken people try out three different strategies for moving on from their exes.

1. The first strategy was to frame their exes in a new negative light. This involved thinking about all of the stuff that annoyed them about their exes.

2. The next strategy took a more positive approach by asking the participants to read statements that encouraged them to accept how they were feeling.

3. The third strategy they tried was a switch in direction. In this method, the participants were asked to distract themselves from thinking about their exes by thinking about something else instead.

There was also a control group where participants had no strategy.

In order to see which of the strategies was the most effective, the researchers showed the participants pictures of their ex to see which approach would work the best. Also, this method was preparing them for real-life scenarios, for example, if you’re scrolling on Facebook and see a picture of your ex what would you do? The researchers had electrodes on their scalps to measure their emotional responses. It turns out all of the three strategies were more effective in decreasing emotional response than doing nothing.

The only one strategy which was most effective in actually making people love their partners less was framing their partners in a negative light. Along with this approach researchers recommend writing a list of your ex’s bad qualities every single day until you start feeling better.

I’m sure everyone has been in a moment where they wished they were a guaranteed way to get over your ex. Well, now we finally have one that can hopefully do the trick!

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