Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Are Totally In Love If You Haven’t Noticed

It’s been roughly two weeks since rumors that the newly single Ariana Grande and newly single Pete Davidson were an item. Two weeks later it’s like you can’t go on Instagram without seeing these two gushing over each other. They’re really cute together, but not to sound like a concerned parent in a teenage rom-com they’re moving super fast!

We know it’s hard to keep up with these new lovebirds so we compiled EVERYTHING these two have been up to together here just for you.

Davidson showed how permanent his love is.

The Saturday Night Live cast member got two tattoos in honor of Grande this weekend. Davidson’s tattoo artist, London Reese posted on his story one of Davidson’s new tattoos. He got Grande’s initials, AG, tatted on his thumb. Reese shared the second tattoo on his profile, a bunny mask from Grande’s Dangerous Woman phase. The tattoo is behind Davidson’s left ear.

Supposedly the couple also got matching tattoos before their relationship was confirmed. Davidson supposedly got a cloud tattoo on his finger to match a tattoo that Grande already had.

Davidson has multiple tattoos covering his body. Most famously he got a tattoo of Hillary Clinton on his leg.

They made things VERY Instagram official.

If the tattoos weren’t enough the two posted adorable photos of themselves on their respective Instagrams.

Davidson shared a picture of them in Harry Potter robes. He’s in Gryffindor and Grande’s in Slytherin robes and of course, the caption is a cheesy Harry Potter pun.

Before he shared their HP photo he posted a video Grande took. It shows Davidson listening to “March of the Toy Soldier” and Grande giggling in the background.

Grande posted a more lovey-dovey photo of Davidson embracing her while kissing the top of her head. Her caption, “i thought u into my life woah! look at my mind”

They won’t stop commenting on each other’s Instagram.

On top of the IG posts, these two won’t stop commenting on each other’s Instagrams. On Davidson’s HP themes post, Grande commented, “u tryna slytherin (i’m deleting my account now)”

Antonio Brown, who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers, shared a photo of Grande at a Steelers game welcoming her back anytime. Grande’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller is from Pittsburgh and is a huge Steelers fan.

Grande and Davidson hit up the IG comments on Brown’s post because no one’s Instagram is safe.

Grande also dubbed Davidson the king of loving her Instagram captions.

On Davidson’s Instagram post of him listening to “March of the Toy Soldier” Grande commented “1st like” because true love is hitting the like button first.

They support each other’s career.

Grande shared a snap of her at Davidson’s stand-up set. It’s only appropriate because Davidson raved about Grande’s Wango Tango performance on his story.

Grande shows Davidson lots of love on her Instagram story.

The Queen of IG stories has shared lots of snaps and messages about her new bae.

Recently she posted a text story about being happy and grateful for her fans. In the bottom right corner, she declares Davidson is the “best person on earth.”

She also shared a picture of Davidson chillin under an umbrella with an iced coffee.

These two are going full steam ahead in their relationship and to be honest it’s refreshing af. We ship it.

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