Where Should You Spend National Cheese Day? America’s Hottest Cheese Spots






Today is National Cheese Day! The best excuse to take in more cheese than is necessary any other day of the year. Whether you prefer American cheese or Brie we’ve got you covered with some of America’s ultimate cheese destinations.

Murray’s Cheese


A New York City destination, Murray’s Cheese opened in Greenwich Village in 1940. They are known for their vast array of artisanal cheeses and have over 350 locations in the country. They opened a cheese bar and restaurant a few doors down from their original store in 2012 where you can customize a cheese board, pair it with a beverage and dine on full meals. You can peruse their website for some cheese deals here.

French Cheese Board


New York has a new cheese sensation in Soho called French Cheese Board. It is the perfect place for the ultimate cheese nerd. It feels like a museum on the inside with diagrams and infographics on how to cut cheese and the history of different cheese. They also have tastings, cooking lessons, and other activities in a lab in the back of the store. What a better way to spend National Cheese Day not only eating cheese but also learning about it! Check out their cool website here.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese


Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is the ultimate cheese destination. With locations in New York’s Flatiron district and Seattle’s Pike Place Market, you won’t be left dry here. You can buy cheese throughout the store and on their online shop. In the store you can watch the cheese being made real time–it cannot get better than that. You can find out more about Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (and some recipes) on their website here.



What a better place to spend National Cheese Day than a cheese stop with such a clever name. Located in Madison, Wisconsin you can find more than 100 cheeses that are sourced locally. What’s even better–you can order online too! Order online and check out their menu on their website here.



In Boulder, Colorado you can find Cured. They offer dozens of cheeses in their show including gourmet goods, charcuterie, and wine. You can find out about their Picnics and other deals on their website here.

Venissimo Cheese


Located in San Diego, Venissimo Cheese has a shop at Liberty Public Market that has about 80 cheeses from around the world. You can check out some of their classes, menus, gifts and their podcast (!!) on their website here.

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop


In Austin, Texas Antonelli’s Cheese Shop offers a huge selection of cheeses and classes at a cheese house across the street. Cannot get better than that. You can buy some of their cheese online and check out their site here.



In Tampa, Florida Haven stores have more than 50 different types of cheese. Guests can choose cheeses on the menu or go big (or go home) with the chef’s selection of 18 different kinds of cheese. That’s right–18. If you find yourself in Tampa, you deserve to treat yourself. Check out their events, other info, and cheese menu on their website here.

Lupo Verde


In Washington D.C. you can find yourself at Lupo Verde. A hot spot that offers more than 50 cheeses from Italy, which are stored with cured meats for the ultimate flavor. Check out their menu and hours on their website here.

However or wherever you choose to spend National Cheese Day, we hope you get to consume at least a little bit of cheese. Even if it’s just that cheese on that cheesy pizza.

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