Here Are Some Of Kate Spade’s Best Designs

Kate Spade is one of my favorite brands for accessories and when I have the extra cash, I like to treat myself. In high school, I rocked a Paris-themed Kate Spade phone case and I’ve spent the last year and a half carrying around a fun pink and orange purse.

It is with extreme sadness that I process the passing of the great Kate Spade, but even though she is no longer with us, her brilliant designs live on. In honor of her eye for fashion, here are some of the most fantastic designs that Kate Spade created over the years.

15. Plaid Is Rad

The cooler colors tone this plaid down, making it perfect to wear in cold weather.

14. Think Pink

This bright, solid dress sure makes a statement.

13. Sweet & Simple

Credit: WENN

Though this dress keeps things simple, it certainly isn’t boring and it goes with pretty much everything.

12. Festive For Fall

Credit: WENN

These warm reds, pinks and browns are perfect for the autumn months. There’s also a shirt and pants version of this outfit, so take your pick.

11. Pretty Patterns

Credit: WENN

I can’t say I really understand why she’s wearing that hat with that dress, but somehow it works.

10 and 9. Je T’aime

Credit: WENN

These black, white and pink patterns are adorable and the message on one model’s shirt–translating to “enjoyment of life”–is an important one.

8. So Retro

Credit: WENN

The boom box-shaped bag is very creative and great for music lovers.

7. Black Is Back

Credit: WENN

The bow on the front is adds adorable touch to this wholesome little black dress. Plus it’s awesome that these heels match the dress and the bag.

6. Something Sweet

Credit: WENN

As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, I love that the bag is shaped like a box of sweets. The dress is also super cute.

5. Lovely Lace

Credit: WENN

This pastel pink dress has an awesome print going on. The handbag and shoes really solidify the look.

4. Things Are Looking Bright

Credit: WENN

This bright yellow handbag really pops, adding some sunshine to the look.

3. Floral & Fierce

Credit: WENN

This look is brilliant because the pastel flowers keep it light and feminine, but the leather skirt screams no nonsense.

2. Fun Frog

Credit: WENN

This outfit’s design is absolutely stunning and is something that you can easily rock in the spring and summer months. The frog purse is playful without seeming childish and its wicker vibe ties the tropical look together.

1. Classy & Cozy

Credit: WENN

This model looks super comfortable. Look at that furry hat. Look at those sleeves. Look at that sweater. Also, her handbag is super cute and big enough to fit all your stuff. She’s winning at life.

Rest in peace, Kate Spade.

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