Top 3 Ways Millennials Are Practicing Spirituality


It’s no secret that Kid Cudi is a leader of mental health awareness advocacy, especially for those of the black community, and as an alternative rapper that many look up to. If you aren’t aware, he has dealt with issues of substance abuse which has led to him being in rehab. However, it hasn’t stopped him from exercising spiritual techniques.

He’s not the only one who is practicing something other than what traditional churches have always tried to teach aka Christianity there are millions and millions of others who are following in his shoes.

You see, millennials are moving further and further away from the church because they are finding spirituality isn’t built within a building. There is a common belief that church is not necessarily a place of “holiness” where they can feel the divine energy.

Majority of this thought comes from the many news reports of preachers having been reported as rapists, sex traffickers, and other forms of different entities. But also, the notion that being “churchy” or “religious” takes away from an individual’s identity.

Each day, Millennials are finding new ways to express their spirit through various activities, items, and even techniques. In order to get you hip on the various ways my generation practices spirituality, I thought it would be cool to share the top three ways I’ve found myself and others exercising their belief system of what is known as “spirituality.”


Instead of believing in just the bible people my age are beginning to listen to their inner self more on a daily basis. Us, millennials, are finding that through closing our eyes and practicing tantric breathing we can learn to trust our body and minds more. It is no secret that through breathing, without fixating the mind on anything else, has led to improved health, longer lives, and more resilient ways to handle life’s stresses.

My friends and I are beginning to invite the idea of breathing with someone else more and more into our daily lives. You can find many of us around this age in Yoga classes learning how to breathe through hard positions in order to improve our livelihood. It is through the breath that we find solid stability that is leveled and unwavering.


So many people, including SZA, love crystals. I, myself, have a crystal collection that includes everything from obsidian to citrine and agates. Crystals are not just rocks that you pick up in your backyard, but they are shiny pieces of embers that Earth gave birth to for our spiritual usage.

You see, crystals are necessary in order to align chakras, our seven innate energy sources that start from the feet all the way up to over the crown. Through crystals, a person is able to feel themselves holistically changing their energy in order to be apart of something much more significant, the universe.


On any given day, millennials are outside hanging in trees, on rocks, by water, or simply taking a walk through fresh air. All around them are birds, insects, animals, and plants. Nature is essential because it not only gives a good dosage of Vitamin D but also it aids in the ability to feel in tune with everything in our daily lives. We need nature in order to have a healthy balance in our lives because the universe is grounding and the sun helps to recharge our chakras while playing a lovely game of frisbee.

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