Use These 5 Glitter Products To Rule The World Without Ruining The Planet

I have a couple of friends who absolutely hate glitter; they think it’s too ostentatious and too girly to be “cool.” I disagree completely. Like many of my favorite things–like Diet Coke and chocolate covered almonds, to name a few examples–glitter can be really great in moderation. Too much glitter can be overwhelming, and nobody wants to find lingering sparkles on their skin weeks after their intended use, but I firmly believe that a little bit of glitter can go a long way and give your look the added “pop” that it needs.

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My scrapbooks contain a multitude of sparkly papers and glitter glue designs. I love the shimmery pinks of my Naked 3 eyeshadow palette. I like to add a glittery gold accent nail when I give myself a manicure, and whenever I wear this one navy sequined shirt that I own, I get on average five compliments a day, which is more than my usual zero. Wearing glitter is also a super fun way to show spirit at festivals, concerts, and school sporting events. So I’m all for it.

Unfortunately for glitter enthusiasts everywhere, it turns out that glitter’s impact on the environment isn’t so sparkly. A microplastic is a piece of plastic measuring less than five millimeters and glitter is comprised of thousands of these. Microplastics aren’t great for the environment because they essentially act as a lifeboat for bacteria, allowing dangerous microbes to thrive instead of dying.

Because microplastics are so small, they pass through water filtration systems with ease and harm aquatic life once they reach natural bodies of water. Marine animals eat the pieces of plastic, and then we eat those marine animals, so the infiltration of microplastics into the ecosystem is harmful to all parties involved. Some scientists are fighting to ban glitter altogether and this isn’t totally crazy. In 2015, microbeads–another form of microplastic–were banned from the United States because taking just one shower could result in 100,000 plastic particles entering the water.

All of this bad news does not mean that we have to give up glitter entirely, though. We just have to be smarter about how we use it. Whether you’re getting ready for a Pride parade, looking cute for Bonnaroo or you just want to make a sparkly statement, here are a few glitter products that aren’t as harmful to the environment.


The creators of GLITTEREVOLUTION pride themselves on having created a “guilt-free glitter” that is biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free. Even the packaging is plastic free!

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EcoStardust sells biodegradable glitter and works to spread awareness not only for environmental issues but also for maritime conservation. 10% of the net profits from these products go to environmental charities.

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Wild Glitter

Wild Glitter is biodegradable and will break down within 90 days in soil and seawater. It is also vegan and cruelty-free. You can wear it or incorporate it into arts and crafts.

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Lush’s Golden Egg Bath Bomb (and other bath bombs) is made with synthetic mica that is better for the environment than traditional plastic glitter. Lush products are eco-friendly and are not made using child labor.

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Dust & Dance

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🌿🌟Who's got their hands on these brand new chunky Bio Glitter already?!? Glitter without guilt 💖🌟🌿 ✨ The CHUNKIEST biodegradable glitters in mega-metalic and pastel colours! OUT NOW!✨ 🌳Made from sustainably sourced plant ingredients ♻️ 🐬Marine and waste water biodegradable ✔️Cosmetically safe 🌿Vegan 🐰Cruelty free! 👉🏼 aaaaaaaand only £3.50!! 💛As with all Dust & Dance glitters, 10% of the profit is donated to mental health charity @youngmindsuk 💛 ➡️ SHOP NOW at & lead the way in sustainable sparkle glitter gang ✨💋 . . . . . . . #glitter #ecoglitter #sustainable #bioglitter #biodgradable #saynotoplastic #noplastic #chunkyglitter #festivalglitter #glittermakeup #beauty #ecobeauty #ecofashion #launch #beautylaunch

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If you’re looking for some cool glitter for your hair or your body, Dust & Dance fits the bill. 10% of the profits go to YoungMinds, who advocate for better mental health services for young people in particular.

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You can never have too much glitter with your feminism.

These are all great options for keeping looking fantastic and keeping our planet healthy. Now go get your glitter on!

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