15 Awesome Drugstore Makeup Dupes For High End Products




The drugstore is really stepping up their makeup, and as much as we love Sephora, it’s pretty hard to leave that store without spending at least $50!! Here are some makeup dupes that are just as good as their high-end alternatives. Your wallet will thank you, and you will look awesome!

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder


You don’t have to spend $40 for a good setting powder! This Coty Soft Airspun ($8) one is a spot on dupe, cheaper and way bigger! Win, win, win!

NYX and Wet n Wild Makeup Sticks


The Fenty Matchstix ($25) are great for concealing, contouring and highlighting!! But there are way cheaper options out there that will do the same thing. The NYX ($8) ones are great as a highlighter, and the Wet n Wild ( $4) ones are great for contouring!

NYX Glitter Primer


Glitter glue is the key to making glitter and shimmer shadows pop and making them last! You don’t need the $20 one, the $6 NYX one is sure to do the job!

L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara


The is one of the best dupes!!! The Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara ($10) is spot on for Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($23) and it’s less flaky and obvi way cheaper.

Milani Dolce Rose Blush


Milani Dolce Rose ($8) is an excellent dupe for Nars Orgasm ($30)! Blush is blush, so you definitely don’t have to splurge for rosy cheeks!

Makeup Revolution Concealer


The Makeup Revolution concealer ($7) is a great alternative to the holy grail Tarte Shape Tape ($27)! It’s not as full coverage, but you can build it up for that full coverage finish! And for just $7 we can totally build it up!

Milani Make It Last Setting Spray


Save your money on expensive setting sprays because the Milani Make It Last ($10) is legit, and it’ll set your makeup all day just like the cult fave, Urban Decay All Nighter ($32),  Plus it’s way cheaper!

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Drops


You don’t have to pay a lot for a bomb glow because the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter drops are an exact dupe for the Cover FX highlighting drops! The Makeup Revolution ones are $9 while the Cover FX ones are $42. YEAH.


Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette


This Wet n Wild palette ($5) is a spot on dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance ($42)!  The shadow quality is still there, and you pay a fraction of the price!

NYX Warm Palette


Want to try the red/orange eyeshadow trend but aren’t sure if you’ll like it? This NYX palette ($18) has warm tones just like the Naked Heat palette ($54) for a fraction of the price!

Colourpop Highlighter


Since Colourpop is amazing and offers bomb makeup for insanely low prices you can have this $38 Becca Highlighter dupe for $8!! Thank you Colourpop!


Essence Make Me Brow


The Essence Make Me Brow is pretty spot on to the Benefit Gimme Brow ($24). The Essence one is $3. $3!

Milani Blur Stick


Blur out pores and imperfections with this Milani Blur Stick ($12) that is a fraction of the price compared to the Milk Makeup Blur Stick ($36).

Colourpop Highlighter Palette


If you missed out on the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero ($42) limited edition, glow kit then this Colourpop In-nude-endo palette ($18) is a great alternative! Not to mention way cheaper!


Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation


YouTubers rave about the Hourglass Stick foundation but it’s sure an investment at $46. Try the Makeup Revolution stick foundation dupe for $9!

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