Kaia Gerber’s Fans Are Concerned Over Her Drastic Weight Loss

Kaia Gerber is the It model right now. She’s got the genes to climb the ranks thanks to her supermodel mom Cindy Crawford. The 16-year-old high schooler was recently at the CFDA awards as designer Alexander Wang’s date. Naturally, she was wearing Alexander Wang head to toe. She posted a photo from the night on her Instagram that is raising lots of concern from her fans because her legs look so skinny.

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his&hers. best date EVER!!!! @alexwangny

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Fans have been posting current photos of Gerber beside slightly older pictures of her to point out how much weight the already skinny model has lost.

theres a difference.. pic.twitter.com/P3dEWZ1rfS

— kelsey (@diorsaster) June 5, 2018

Influencer Xenia Adonts shared her thought on Gerber’s recent photo on her Instagram story to her 1.1 million followers. “This is so shocking and should not be promoted…it truly makes me sad,” she wrote over a screenshot of Gerber’s Instagram photo. “She did not look like this a year ago…I hope you are doing okay K.”

She then posted a screenshot of Gerber at the Tomorrowland premiere in 2015 when she was 13 going on 14. The old photo was to show a contrast from Gerber then to now.

Then Adonts shared a screenshot of a DM from a follower thanking her for her comments on Gerber. Her fan was thankful for her pointing out that this level of skinniness isn’t normal. “I got HUNDREDS of dms from girls thanking me for being the only one to point this out,” Adonts wrote. “Social media is tricky, you will never become happy if you compare yourself with what you see online and trust me, I’ve been there.”

Gerber’s comments on her Instagram post are flooded with people pointing out her weight. Some fans have come to defend her saying she’s naturally thin while others, like Adonts, assume it’s the pressure of the modeling world affecting her body.

some comments on kaia’s pictures have me ? either she naturally looks like this meaning people shouldn’t be commenting on it, or it’s the result of a struggle with a disorder and people STILL shouldn’t be commenting on it. saying “my eyes hurt” won’t help. leave her fucking be pic.twitter.com/4q8yf9RsMu

— angelic whore (@lilintentions) June 6, 2018

It’s important to note that Gerber is only 16, almost 17 years old. She is still a minor and her body is still growing and changing. How she looked at 15 is going to be different at 17, plain and simple. There is no doubt a pressure from the modeling world to be uber thin and Gerber does have her mom’s shoes to fill. But as long as Gerber is taking care of her body then it’s none of our business to criticize. On the off chance that Gerber isn’t taking care of her body, let’s hope she has the strength and support to become healthy.

Put overall just be respectful of Gerber and understand that she is still very young. Flooding her Instagram comments with assumptions is not the way to go.

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