The Most Flattering Swimsuits For Every Body Type

To end stressful and frustrating swimsuit shopping this year, we found some stylish and flattering picks that are perfect for you. From curvier frames to athletic body types, we’re helping to make sense of the endless swimwear options and narrowing them down to the choices that were made to fit and flatter your frame. The best accessory you can wear this summer is your confidence! So let that shine in a bathing suit you feel comfortable in.


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If you’re more straight up and down and have fewer curves, like Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, and Jennifer Aniston, then the name of the game is playing up your curves with styles that flaunt your frame. Suits with less coverage help to create the illusion of a shapelier figure.

Tops or bottoms with bold prints, ruffles, and embellishments add intrigue and feminine flair and can create the appearance of more curve at top and bottom. Tie-side bikini bottoms enhance curves and adjust perfectly to your size. The smaller the swimsuit bottom, the fuller and curvier the derrière appears.



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If you’re curvy at the hips and thighs and smaller on top, like Beyoncé, Jenifer Lopez, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, then the key to the perfect swimsuit is balancing your proportions and getting the coverage you need for your bottom half. A plunging neckline or eye-catching top draws the eye upward, minimizing the bottom. Avoid reaching for a boy short or thick-banded bottom. The extra fabric will only call attention to the area you’re trying to mask

Large Bust

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If you have ample cleavage; you’re chesty and require more support up top like Brooklyn Decker, Katy Perry, and Sofia Vergara, support is key ladies. Opt for suits with underwire or molded cups to give the girls the support they need. Avoid ruffles or embellishments up top if you’re hoping to minimize the focus on your chest. Higher backs are also a good fit for helping to keep the girls up.

Try to avoid swimsuits marked as small, medium, and large, Instead, explore suits marked with sizing like your regular bra, including styles that go above a D, which are constructed to support a larger bust. The thicker the strap the more support.

Small Chest

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Proportionally, you’re smaller on top with an A or B cup, like Kate Hudson. A smaller chest requires less support, so you can look for styles with more minimal coverage or embellished detailing, bows, and patterns to create the illusion of a larger chest. Triangle tops create the illusion of curves, as do tops with bold prints or embellishments with ruffles. A smaller bust always means you can wear tiny scoop tops or bandeaus so embrace them!

Tummy Concealing

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If you’re built a little more like an apple shape and carry your weight mostly in your middle try to avoid any and all tie bottoms. Whether you prefer to be covered up or you’re out to slim your middle, there are a number of one-pieces and two-piece suits, like high-waisted or tankini styles, that help to smooth out your middle.

Don’t let the stress of bathing suit shopping stop you this summer from showing off that fabulous figure. All bodies are beautiful and deserved to be praised and embraced!

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