An Inside Look At A Victoria’s Secret Model’s Daily Diet

I consider myself a bit of a health nut and am no stranger to utilizing the internet for some workout or food tips. So when Sanne Vloet’s video titled “What I Eat In A Day As A Model Pt 1–Victoria Secret Show Meal Prep” popped up on my YouTube suggested page–complete with a thumbnail of her looking absolutely amazing in a pink pantie set–I had to check it out.

In the name of health, I decided to break down each of her yummy-looking meals to see how safe this regiment really is. Read on to see what I found.

(Keep in mind I am not a doctor and Vloet does not provide exact measurements or brands so I had to do some estimating).

Breakfast: smoothie bowl topped with homemade granola

It is not totally clear if she eats the entire smoothie she made, but assuming she did–this breakfast comes out to an impressive 925 calories. Her homemade granola is absolutely packed with protein as it has tons of nuts and seeds along with the oat base. This breakfast looks like a super delicious and fueling way to start the day and as soon as Vloet finishes it she jets off to Pilates with some friends–an intense Pilates class can burn over 400 calories so good thing she has her smoothie bowl to keep her going! I am 100% making this for breakfast tomorrow before my workout.

Lunch: Veggie Bowl

This vegetarian bowl from De Maria in NYC looks unreal. Loaded with chickpeas, dressed greens, avocado, squash, carrots and topped with a turmeric-poached egg (fancy!)–it’s pretty obvious why Vloet proclaims this restaurant to be one of her favorites. She also gets a small cappuccino with oat milk (yes oat milk is a real thing–I Googled it) to drink. I added this meal up to around 590 calories–a solid lunch size with lots of good fats and oils. YUM.

Dinner: Fet and Spinach Stuffed Salmon with Brown Rice

The stuffed salmon she prepares looks amazing. With spinach and brown rice, this meal is colorful and nutritious. Like the smoothie bowl, it is unclear if Vloet actually eats all of what she prepares but from the plate she makes the calorie count comes out to around 700 calories.

This brings her shown daily calorie intake to about 2,215 calories. At first, I was shocked by this number considering the average recommended calorie intake for a woman is between 1,600 and 2,000 calories, depending on height and activity level. Then I remembered that 2,000 number is recommended net intake–meaning every time you break a sweat the number of calories you burn is subtracted from how many you consume. Vloet clearly works hard in her Pilates classes as well is 5’11–well above the height of the average woman. While everything on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt (including this article!), Vloet’s video is a great reminder that models are people and they can love food too! And for all of us who don’t have to take the catwalk anytime soon–being committed to a healthy lifestyle really can help you look and feel the way you want.

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