A Target Employee Forced A Woman To Strip After Accusing Her Of Stealing

A black woman was at a local Target in Michigan when a security guard allegedly accused her of stealing and forced her to strip to prove she was innocent. Ashanae Davis, 20, was shopping at the Target in Southfield, Michigan on May 22 when a security guard confronted her of stealing.

The loss prevention officer grabbed her by the arm and claimed she stole a bathing suit bottom and was wearing it underneath her clothes. A second loss prevention employee apprehended Davis and handcuffed her and loudly announced that she had stolen. This is known as the Target Walk Of Shame. Employees say that the retailer parades customers who were accused of stealing or misconduct through the store, loudly announcing what has happened, to discourage further theft.

Davis was then brought to the back room with the two male loss prevention employees and another female manager. She was then forced to pull up her shirt and her pants down to show she didn’t have any merchandise underneath. The two male loss prevention officers never left the room when she was forced to strip.

“I was so scared,” Davis told local new station WJBK. “I never had anything close or near like that happen to me.”

David is now suing the store. Civil rights attorney Jasmine Reed believe Davis was racially profiled.”Target as a corporation has a standing history now of discriminating against black and Latino, people in their hiring practices,” she said.

Target has fired the team member who was involved but didn’t disclose which one. Here’s their statement in full:

“We want everyone who shops at Target to feel welcomed and respected and take any allegations of mistreatment seriously. We’re sorry for the actions of our former team member, who created an experience we don’t want any guest to have at Target. Upon reviewing our team’s actions, we terminated the team member who was directly involved and are addressing the situation with the security team at the store.”

Reed is hoping to view Target’s security footage and file a lawsuit against the company for civil damages and possibly criminal wrongdoing for false arrest and imprisonment.

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