IHOP Changed Its Name To IHOB And Twitter Is Pissed




IHOP recently announced a name change from IHOP to IHOb. There was speculation that the b was for breakfast because that totally makes sense right?

Well, today IHOP announced that the b is for… burgers!  The company decided to change the name to IHOb in honor of the new burgers that the restaurant will now be serving and Twitter is soooo not impressed. While the name change is only temporary, Twitter took no time to troll IHOP/IHOb and the results are hilarious!

Let’s take a look!



Leave it to the Twitter Queen, Chrissy Teigen to deliver a clap back! IHOb is a terrible name.

So what do we even call it now?

People are pissed!

It will always be IHOP!

People are not excited for these burgers! LOL.



Even Wendy’s is roasting IHOP/IHOb.


That’s right, that’s what IHOb stands for.

Didn’t we all?!

Are the pancakes gone?

But don’t worry too much, the name change is temporary and the pancakes aren’t going anywhere!


Here are the new burgers that IHOb will be adding to their menu!  Seven new Ultimate Steakburgers made with 100% USDA choice Black Angus ground beef. The burgers are a limited edition to the menu which is probably good for IHOb because people are not happy with them!


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