Easy Summer Hairstyles To Help You Beat The Heat

The weather is warming up fast so before you arrive at your next date night with your summer fling, check out our favorite ‘dos that will keep you cool all summer long.

Double French Braid Bun

This bun appears super complex but is actually pretty simple. Plus, it’s perfect for a hot summer wedding or just a family dinner.

Dutch Mohawk Fishtail Braid 

This edgier look keeps your hair off your neck so you stay as cool as you look.

French Braid Bottom Topknot

Cute in the front, even cuter in the back!

Pigtail Buns

You can make your buns high for the Coachella-popular “space buns” or low for a slightly toned down version but either this is great for taming frizz.

Topsy Ponytail

Somehow both a little messy and a little dressy.

Inside-out French Braids 

This twist on the classic French braid is a hit-especially if you have multiple colors in your hair.

Ariana High Ponytail

Ariana rocked this look for years for a reason, it’s head-turning and super fun to swish your hair around when dancing!

French Braid Ponytail 

Like the Dutch Mohawk FIshtail Braid, this look has a slight edge but is still versatile and effeminate.

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