How To Give Someone Your Number At A Bar

Depending on your personality, giving out your number to people you meet at bars can be extremely difficult. If you’re naturally more shy and timid, I’m sure you’ve been in this situation at least once or twice. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the saying, “guys should make the first move.” But hello, it’s 2018!

Women shouldn’t be afraid to make the first move, and if someone doesn’t end up contacting you, you shouldn’t think of it as a rejection. Instead, congratulate yourself for taking a risk. Here’s exactly how to give someone your number at a bar in a clear and confident way.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show You’re Interested

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There are so many subtle ways to be flirty and let someone know you’re interested. Flirting can be included in the conversation and most importantly body language. A simple smile or brushing your hand next to theirs can signify signs that you have some sort of interest. Sometimes people don’t pick up on subtle cues so. Instead, it helps if you add it into the conversation.

For example, if the two of you are talking about the craft beer you’re drinking, you can mention a local brewery you’ve meant to check out. Let them know how much fun it would be, and they should join you. Whatever your plan, during that initial conversation, you should be sure to mention an activity that you have in mind for the two of you to do together, so you’re sure not to leave without getting each other’s numbers.

Have a Confident Close To The Conversation


By having an optimistic attitude about the interaction, you’ll come off as confident and self-assured. According to most men, there’s nothing sexier than a woman feeling confident in her own skin. Act confident, even if you don’t totally feel that way. The best time to give out your number is at the end of a conversation.

If you struggle with clever ways to ask, just be direct. By saying, “It was so much fun to chat with you, but I have to run. Here, take my number” gives a sense of casualty. It doesn’t put any pressure or expectations on them. Plus, you’ll leave them wanting more.

Let Them Reach Out


Once you’ve done these steps, the ball is officially in their court. If you’ve asked someone out in person, it is now their turn to make the plan happen. If they’re genuinely interested in going out on a date with you, they will reach out to figure things out. And if you do give someone your number and they don’t end up texting or calling you, remind yourself that it isn’t necessarily a rejection. We have no idea what is going on in their life’s so it just might not be the right timing.

Whatever happens, after you give someone your number, try not to get hung up or fixated on it. Instead, give yourself a pat on the back for being assertive and putting yourself out there. You’re amazing!

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