How To Make Friends As An Adult In A New City

So you just moved to a big city. How exciting–you are finally embarking on your journey as an adult! You’ve got everything with you in your new apartment, from your trendy decor to your succulents. You likely have a Grown Up Job too since you’re living in a city. You really seem to have it all but wait–how do you make new friends? In college, it was so easy, but there are so many people in a city, how or where do you even start? You have your hometown buds, but you want to make new friends too. Your coworkers already have their cliques, and you want to make friends outside of work also.

In this article, you’ll find some ideas of how to make friends in your new big city. And rest assured, there are many more people out there looking for new friends just like you. You’re not alone!

1. Reach Out To Those Old Contacts

It may seem daunting to reach out to people who you don’t talk to anymore or haven’t even seen in many years. But, check up on your old contacts who are in your city. Most people would love to reconnect with people who have a similar upbringing or experience as them. Who knows–an old acquaintance may become your new best bud.

2. Embrace The Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

In order to make new friends, you have to get out of that comfort zone. Yes, it’s easier to just chill in your apartment during happy hour, but you won’t make friends that way. Go to happy hour and strike up conversations with people! You are living in a city, after all–you must have something interesting to say. Most people love to be approached by new people–and who knows? Maybe you’re approaching the person who is looking for a new friend like you too!

3. Join Groups And Clubs

Yes, groups and clubs still exist outside of high school and college. You can meet like-minded people by joining a club in your city or chasing after a hobby. Some examples of hobbies or activities include pilates, book clubs, writing workshops, or volunteering. You can find so many connections with amazing people by chasing your passions. And better yet–people love seeing a new face come along.

There are many ways to find these groups, for example through Facebook Groups or a Google Search. You can also search through Facebook Events in your city for public events such as art displays, fireworks, movies, and other activities. These are usually free and, you may find some other interesting events to go to too. You can check out this article for additional websites to find local groups and meet up activities.

4. Be A Good Friend

You also have to be open to a friendship! No one wants to be friends with someone who continually flakes off from plans, only talks about themselves, or is overall toxic. Check yourself and make sure you are fully supportive and open to the friendship. And if you’re stressed with work or personal things, that’s why friends are there. Share your struggles with them, and they will likely share their struggles too. But take time for yourself too if you can’t be fully committed to the friendship. A true friend will understand that.

You got this! A new city is scary and finding your way is scary too. But it’s all part of the journey, and you’ll definitely find some new friends. You may even find them in the most unexpected places.

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