This Pizza Box Table Was Designed For Eating In Bed

While some people find it gross and sloppy, nothing can really beat eating in bed.  It’s cozy, it’s comfy and why wouldn’t you want too? Maybe the crumbs or spilling food. Crumbs in bed = worst thing in the world.  But there is a solution to that…

Boston Pizza created a pizza box that folds out into a table making it downright heavenly for eating pizza in bed!  It’s a cardboard box that you fold into a table making it accessible, reusable, recyclable and not to mention GAME-CHANGING. Boston Pizza, you’re killing it.

The box was created with Boston Pizza by designer, Paul Little, “It’s a simple idea, but a lot of thinking went into making sure it would actually work. There were a lot of factors to consider. It had to be high enough to fit over a person’s legs and low enough to comfortably eat off of. We had to compensate for the average depth someone sinks into a bed versus the average leg width, average pizza weight, the list goes on and on.”

Little went on to say it sounds ridiculous but people need to be comfortable. We agree!!

BP In Bed

Pizza is already a perfect, heavenly food.  You can customize it to however you like. Just cheese or even pineapple if you’re in that minority who likes that.  Shout out to Boston Pizza for changing the game.  It’s hard to make pizza even better and they did.

As for our New England friends, you still can’t get the pizza box table because Boston Pizza is located all through-out Canada! That’s right they’re New England’s neighbor and named after Boston, MA but that’s about it.

If you’re not in Canada or close by, you’re sorta out of luck. It’s also limited edition at Boston Pizza. So Pizza Hut and Dominos, TAKE NOTES! ASAP!

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