3 Reasons He’s Not Texting You Back–And How To Fix It











The stigma of the “crazy chick” is a tough one to fight, especially when you find yourself stressing over why he (or she) is not texting you back. So we broke down why they are not responding, and what you can do to get that text back.


1. He Is Busy

They say Fortnite is a girl’s enemy for a reason–his unshowered butt is likely parked on the couch with his eyes glued to the screen. If he’s taking awhile to respond he is likely just absorbed in the purple palace or whatever it’s called. If you are feeling extra stressed check the time between texts.

Are they coming at regular intervals? He’s responding at the commercial breaks of the game. If it has been hours and you know he’s out with his friends–give him the benefit of the doubt before hitting send on 54 angry texts and calling 16 times.

Texts not delivering? His phone is either dead or he does not have service. Go have fun with your girls, he will get back to you when he can. And always leave him be if he is driving–you never want to put your boo in a dangerous situation.


If he has a job, is in class or is with family, be respectful of this commitment. You cannot expect him to drop everything every time his phone buzzes–that is just not healthy and he should not expect that from you either. So if you are trying to have a legit convo about something deeper than your day and this weekend’s plans, put it off until you know he is free and can actually pick up the phone and talk. (Or better yet, chat in person!) Take a deep breath–he will get back to you when he can.


2. He Does Not Want To Talk Right Now

This one sounds worse than it is. If you hit him with a “hey” as soon as he gets home from work–he might just want to eat some mac and cheese in peace. That is fine. Especially since your text was not exactly a thrilling opener. Instead, wait until you have something of substance to say or ask. Did you take a picture of a cute dog today or find a great restaurant you two need to go to soon? Send him that.


Be cognizant of how your text conversations usually go. If they generally start with a “sup” then snowball into you unloading onto him–maybe he just does not want to deal with that right now.

While support is an important part of any relationship, you cannot expect him to want to hear you complain about Cindy from marketing’s tendency to hog the coffee maker every day. Flip the script–hitting him with an exciting opener followed with talking about something you both care about is a great way to end the texting slump.


Guess what–it is okay if you don’t text every day! Even in long distance. Sometimes you will get busy and so will he. Probably should not go weeks without checking in but a day or two without a conversation is totally fine. If he is making a habit of not texting you back (without a decent reason)–maybe it is time to hit pause and evaluate the relationship as a whole.

3. He’s Just Not Interested

Eeeek sorry! Sometimes you just have to step back and face the facts. This should be considered after evaluating the first two but still, maybe he just does not want to talk…to you. Give it a break–he might text you first and prove us wrong but until then–go live your life!

Someone out having fun and doing their thing is way more attractive than someone sadly staring at the phone. If he likes you, he will miss you and hit you up before you know it. If he liked you before you were in constant contact, it was for a reason. Maybe he liked your confidence or commitment to a super cool talent. Get back into that and you might reignite the spark.


However, if he knows you will be there for him no matter how he treats you–this is not a relationship you want to start or continue. If he does not want to be with you it is his loss. You are a badass bitch and deserve a bae who appreciates and respects you.

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