Celebrate Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen’s Birthday With Their Best Movies





Happy birthday to our favorite childhood stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! It seems like just yesterday they were playing Michelle on Full House, 32 years later and their still our favorite twins. These two have been stars on the big screen since they were only six months old. It’s time to celebrate their special day with a Mary Kate and Ashley movie marathon. Check out some of their best hits.

The Challenge (2003)


Even though the twins love each other in real life, in The Challenge, Mary-Kate and Ashley play siblings who can’t stand each other yet have to team up to win a TV show. The Challenge is a spin-off of the American reality TV show Survivor. Lizzie (Ashley) is ambitious and focused, whereas Shane (Mary-Kate) is considerably more laid-back and loves nature. As if this didn’t stir up enough drama in the movie, the love interests definitely spice things up even more.

New York Minute (2004)


Jane (Ashley) is an Oxford University hopeful who intends to give an important speech in Manhattan which may grant her a scholarship. Her carefree, music-obsessed twin sister Roxy (Mary-Kate) blows off school with her in hope of tracking down her favorite band, but these polar opposite sisters find themselves in the middle of a black market deal, with an obsessive truant officer from the school on their tail. This classic chick flick is the perfect movie for a girls night in.

Winning London (2001)


Another movie filled with our favorite attractive accent. This movie’s monumental moment was the French kiss! But, in reality, this movie was a monumental moment for high schools as their Model U.N. members increased. Sisters Chloe (Mary-Kate) and Riley (Ashley) head to London to compete in a Model U.N. competition. When the country they have prepared to discuss is selected by another team, they must scramble to learn everything they can about the United Kingdom and coincidentally the boys that live within its borders.

Billboard Dad (1998)


In order to get their struggling artist and widower father (Tom Amandes of Everwood and now Parenthood) out of his slump, Tess (Mary-Kate) and Emily (Ashley) miraculously climb up to a billboard and paint an ad seeking a girlfriend for him. Not only do they find him a lovely lady and put their negative feelings about her son behind them but they also find a way to out their dad’s agent who’s selling knockoffs of his sculptures.

It Takes Two (1995)


Not only is this the best Olsen movie of all time, it’s probably the best movie of all time. In this Parent Trap-esque film, identical twin sisters Alyssa (Ashley) and Amanda (Mary-Kate) meet at summer camp and discover that they are exact opposites in every way, except that they are both worried about their family lives. Alyssa’s dad Roger is about to marry a gold digger and Amanda’s social worker Diane won’t be able to care for her when she is adopted by a mean family. They decide to pull a switcheroo to make Roger and Diane fall in love, but not without a bit of difficulty along the way.

To the twins that stole our hearts, happy birthday to you both! We hope this day brings you happiness and laughter just like what your movies bring to us.

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